Tips For Throwing A Great Open House Party

Planning a memorable open house takes plenty of preparation.  You’ll need the right snacks, party favors, and best of all, location.  Open houses are an inescapable part of working in real estate, so why not have a little fun with this part of the job?

If you’re soon to plan an open house, take in a few helpful planning tips first.  Here is a short summary, featuring several viable party tips for your next open house.  

Choose the perfect venue for your event

The first thing you need to plan an open house is a house.  You can have an open house for any property you’re trying to unload, but they are especially helpful in specific situations.  When an apartment complex has open availability, an open house party is at hand.   

Apartment complex open house parties are a little easier to plan, as the setting is already staged for a crowd of people.  Think about the logistics of the open house before you choose a property for your event.

Let people know there’s a party goin’ on

Even though an open house isn’t a raging party, you still have to get the word out about the event.  Marketing your open house is vital to the success of your venture.

You want as many people as possible to lay eyes on the property you have available to boost your chances of making a sale.  Use social media and some of the web’s most frequented real estate platforms to let lookers know that their search ends with you.  

Plan out the details of the get-together

You’ll need to think about a few details if you hope to host a successful showing.  Make sure there is ample parking for passing visitors, and inform the locals of the event.  

The neighborhood should know why there will be a bunch of people coming in and out of their area.  They may even have an interest in the property, so give the neighbors a chance to join the fun.

Plan for refreshments and party favors

When you’re planning for refreshments and party favors for an open house, you should think fast and simple.  People don’t want a plate of spaghetti as they walk through the property, and you don’t want spaghetti stains on the carpets.  Plan the food strategically, and place several trash cans around the house for safe depositing of waste.  

Take time to properly stage the property

You should take the time to properly stage the home before inviting people in for a tour.  Stage the home to look like a place where others can be comfortable. Do what you can to make it look like, well… home.