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Luke Combs leads all five Billboard Country charts this week

The success comes on the heels of Combs’ latest single, “Beautiful Crazy,” which remains #1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay, Hot Country Songs, Country Streaming Songs and Country Digital Song Sales charts for the second straight week. This is his fastest rising single to date (16 weeks) and makes Combs the first artist ever to send his first five singles to the top of Billboard’s Country Airplay chart. “Beautiful Crazy” is also the first country single shipped to radio already platinum-certified since Taylor Swift’s “Red” in 2013 and has more than 270 million on-demand streams. In celebration of these milestones, Combs recently released an acoustic version of the song.

SHE MADE ME DO IT Releases Official Music Video for “Bones”

Oh Land Releases Second Single “Brief Moment”

The seeds for the song — a playful, joyous track — sprung from the joyful simplicity of a child at play. “The verse melody was actually something my son kept singing while he was playing one day,” Nanna explains. “Later that day, I ran around the lakes in my neighborhood and wrote all the lyrics. It’s about unexpected love and a video I once saw of fishes making beautiful patterns in the sea beds, which they do to attract a partner.”

Long Beach based band The Shakes – Dreamy Melancholy Psych

Far from your typical bedroom pop indie artist, The Shakes are a brilliant glimpse into a world of clarity. Composed of songwriter Sean Perry as the frontman, Cameron Pearson on guitar, Syd Tagle on keys/synth, Tanner Henderson on bass and Levi matullis on the drums, The Shakes are a modge podge of individuals with an artistic voice unlike anything else in the current indie scene. Drawing from every key decade of pop, the Los Angeles based group infuses R&B sounds and infectious lyricism with every single. Whether it’s exploring topics like the complications of relationships or the struggle with faith and identity, The Shakes find no topic unreachable. Their music is stunningly human in its vulnerability and beauty, making every song a sensual experience. The Shakes are not for your ears. They are not for your eyes or your tongue. The Shakes are for your soul.

Trouble in the Wind – ‘Fall Guy’ Official Music Video

Trouble in the Wind has been labeled as folk, Americana, alternative, country, surf rock …etc but the Southern California quartet likes to brand themselves as “rock and roll”.

ROOF DOWN New Single ‘Lying’ Released From Forthcoming Album

Swedish alternative grunge rock band Roof Down get their 2019 started with the release of the new single Lying, taken from their forthcoming album Lost due for release via Sliptrick Records on March 19th. The band said; “the song Lying is about lying because you are afraid of the truth. Going into a role to get what you want, even though you know it will hurt in the end. To achieve something you really can’t, but doing it anyway.”

Kyle Maher – ‘Serenity’ Single

The northern reaches of Australia have a distinct charm, amongst the heat, the natural wonder and the cavalier attitudes, its tropical ease will allay most bouts of madness. Darwin’s Kyle Maher, is an artist through which northern Australia evaporates. His latest single Serenity is a hazy lament of young love and sets this young artist on path of greater refinement.

ICYMI: Pile share new single ‘Bruxist Grin’ + announce new album ‘Green and Gray’

With their last full length, 2017’s A Hairshirt of Purpose, Pile found their widest audience to date. Hailed as a release that communicated the inimitable quality of the live shows that have made the band near-legendary in certain circles, the album received praise from all quarters, earning them a critical-acclaim commensurate with the adoration, heaped on them by their contemporaries, that has long granted them “your favorite band’s favorite band” status.

The Odds Self-Titled Debut Album

You might be unfamiliar with Albert Aguilar—the one man show behind The Odds—but upon listening his self titled debut album, available everywhere today via independent release, you’ll have gone on a journey with him through a very specific point of his life, and might even feel like you know him personally. The Odds is that intimate, emotive, and honest. He holds nothing back in his lyricism and there’s a little bit of something for everyone to cling on to with this album.

CRYPT TRIP share rocking new album ‘Haze County’ in its entirety!

CRYPT TRIP returns! Following their debut album “Rootstock”, the Texas trio once again deliver their typical country-tinged southern rock to your ears, mind, and soul. New album “Haze County” explores the intricacy of space and time through nine songs that can easily be defined as the band’s most focused and organic work to date.

Tokyo indie band DYGL release new single ‘A Paper Dream’

The new song is produced by Rory Attwell (Test Icicles, The Vaccines, Palma Violets) and is a bright indie tune with assured swagger reminiscent of the likes of The Libertines, The Cribs and The Maccabees. The video finds the Tokyo band performing in the midst of a decorative makeover as drapes hang loosely to protect the valuable antiques beneath them.

New Single by Lui Peng!

Lui Peng is looking back on a pretty busy year. Having released several tracks leading into his latest EP “Feathers” plus a hand-full of collaborations with artists such as Reece Lemonius and having toured Asia for the first time in his career including shows at Singapore’s Music Matters there sure was a lot happening for the London based artist. While all this has happened, he was permanently working on new music which will be shared in the near future.

Combating Brexit: PachYa Releases Multi-Lingual Rallying Cry to Unite Europe

Polish artist PachYa and her German producer Norman Gratopp are launching their multi-lingual rallying cry to bring Europe closer together. The doom and gloom of daily news reports may make some fear that the days of Cold Wars and Iron Curtains are returning but PachYa’s heart-warmingly upbeat Euro-pop, sung in English, Polish and Italian is just the thing to remind you that it’s never too late to turn the corner and that ultimately, we’re all united by our love of the same things. Douze points to PachYa!

Parallel Minds – “Every Hour Wounds… The Last One Kills”

French Heavy / Thrash Metal band PARALLEL MINDS has joined Pitch Black Records and announces the release of the band’s second album “Every Hour Wounds… The Last One Kills” on April 5th!

Two minds working together as one, united by a shared passion, a common vision and the drive to make their dreams a reality. Vocalist Stéphane Fradet and guitarist Grégory Giraudo came together with the goal of creating an incredible heavy metal band; a band that would know no boundaries and accept no rules. Their band would combine the crisp, precision riffing of thrash metal with the soaring melodies and fleet-fingered solos of classic metal; it would marry musical muscle and aggression with a real depth of emotion and sit sincere ballads next to sprawling epics and surround them both with steel clad metal attacks. Conceived by two minds working together, each bringing an individual creativity to the mix, the name of their band was obvious…Parallel Minds.


One of most exciting talents to emerge from London as of late, Berna releases a brand new video and single for ‘Litty’. Directed by Dijian Eccles and produced by OBR Beats, the track was premiered by BBC 1xtra’s DJ Target and sees the rapper and university student hop from flow to flow, showcasing his ability to deftly flip trademark punchlines and bars effortlessly all while explaining his outlook on life.

Sarah P. opens up about mental illness with “Maenads” video

Sarah P. releases the music video for Maenads, the title track of her latest EP, which is inspired by the ancient Greek female followers of god Dionysus, who were known for their superhuman strength, sticking together, and fighting for their beliefs.

Snow Ghosts announce new album ‘A Quiet Ritual’

A chaotic blend of visceral, frenzied energy and haunting lyricism, ‘Rip’ deals with the violence of grief in its suddenness and cruelty. Unnerving discord and pulsating ambience permeate the track, with semi-spoken vocals and powerful instrumentation building to an expressive climax of cathartic release.

Revolution arises with HELL IN TOWN’s new video!

French groove metal foursome HELL IN TOWN present the second video taken off their new album ‘Bones’, released last September. A heavy manifesto premiered exclusively courtesy of Metal Assault.

Amyl and the Sniffers Share “Monsoon Rock” + Video

The band said of the new track, “”Monsoon Rock” is just a song to rage to, it celebrates good gigs and live music. We wrote it around the time of Gizzfest 2017 when it was pissing down with rain but everybody still got into it – just muddier and wetter and real feral. We ran out of time to make a video and it’s always fun making funny shit. If you don’t have a sense of humor and can’t laugh, what’s the point of being alive?”

Jaunt – “On Your Mind” (New Single/Video)

Jaunt are currently on the road, having just supported Soccer Mommy in Columbia, MO on February 28. They’ll continue touring the US throughout March.

New single from Denmark’s KING

Lambchop share lyric video for new single “Crosswords, or what this says about you”

Lambchop’s new album This (is what I wanted to tell you) will be released on March 22. Following lead single “The December-ish you” and “Everything for you,” the band have shared the final single from the album, “Crosswords, or what this says about you.”

Charly Bliss release new video for “Chatroom”

Of the song Hendricks says “I was sexually assaulted by someone I dated and I wrote ‘Chatroom’, and most of Young Enough, as a way of processing that experience and explaining it to myself. ‘Chatroom’ is a song about reaching ecstatic joy through consuming rage. Simply put, it’s a colossal ‘fuck you’ and a celebration of reaching the point of a ‘fuck you’ that isn’t diluted by self-blame or apologies.


Hozier has shared the official video for “Dinner & Diatribes” from his sophomore album Wasteland, Baby!, which was released on Friday, 3/1. The video was directed by Anthony Byrne (Peaky Blinders) and features Anya Taylor-Joy (Peaky Blinders).