How to choose the western dress for the party tonight?

Directly from the United States, the tradition of the end of year ball has been adopted by various countries for some years. There are indeed more universities and other schools – but also high schools that close the year with a real prom in beautiful prom dress. And if in America things are done in great pomp, between limousine, fresh flower offered to the girl, long dress, sitting at the hairdresser for young ladies and costumes for men, but somewhere the proms are a little less conventional.

There no limousines or flowers to attach to the wrist. There it is more than a party more than a symbolic passage.

What it looks like?

This being said, it is well seen during prom to put on his 31. For girls, the outfits for a ball end of the year are often made of long strapless dresses. Similarly, for the male the costume – even the tuxedo – is recommended. In any case, it will be necessary to know how to dose its effect between chic and US caricature. We abandon sophisticated hairstyles with curling iron in favor of a simple bun and put on a dress that, while chic and glamorous, will dance all night. Note that you will avoid the black dresses, a colorful outfit – even pastel – being much more in the idea that we make a dress ball.

Tailor your prom costume at your school

At each school, his style. Also, before embarking on the search for the perfect ball gown, you learn about the dress code of the evening. For the dances, which close the high school years, fashion is rarely turned to chic and glamor. An elegant cheap prom dresses will be enough. This is not the case in the year-end galas. But if the dress code on the invitation only mentions the terms “correct dress required”, why not dare originality with a stylish pantsuit?

Choose a promo prom dress tailored to your figure

Because it’s a big night, the promo prom dress must fit your morphology perfectly. The prom dress should highlight the assets and hide the small flaws. Trapeze dress and fluid and lightweight materials, such as muslin, will beautifully showcase morphology a little round. While a dress with the marked size will sublimate the curves. The essential thing is also to feel comfortable in your dress and free of all movements.

The pair of shoes not to neglect

Besides the fact that the pair of shoes must be adapted to the style and color of the dress, it must also be very comfortable. The height of the heel should allow to dance and walk without pain throughout the evening. Ballerinas or derbies can be worn perfectly.