The idea that you can purchase Instagram followers in order to boost your Instagram interaction is one that is gaining a lot of traction and this can be seen by the amount of websites offering these services which have appeared recently like on Insta4likes.com. While for some it is a taboo subject as they see paid for likes as not having been “earned”, there are plenty of people who avail of the option as they see it as a legitimate means of quickly increasing their base of followers. With a larger base of followers, you will inevitably have more interaction and this makes you more popular. In Instagram terms, being popular is an important factor as your profile then becomes more visible and it is possible to attract even more attention. Therefore you can find inactive followers too by taking some sorts of services. See here for more details.

For your profile to have the biggest impact, you need to be clued in on ways to get more followers for your account. There is nothing wrong with paying for followers. After all, it is your money and you are perfectly entitled to do what you want with it. If you want to invest in your Instagram profile, that’s your prerogative. And it is one that is well worth the investment. Once you are able to attract more engagement with your profile, your exposure grows.

Where has this come from?

The rise in people paying for Instagram followers has come about because of the rise in Instagram’s popularity and people’s fascination with the most popular Instagram accounts. In little under a decade, Instagram has emerged as a social network with a strong appeal and last year reached one billion active monthly users. Instagram has become a popular place for people to share their opinions and exchange ideas with other people, partly because of its large number of worldwide users but also because of it is easy to use and the direct contact that can be made with people from anywhere in the world. Instagram focuses on using images for people to get their messages across to other users and this means that it is the perfect place for users from all over the world to come as language is not an obstacle: The important thing here is the visual aspect. This, in turn, leads to the interest in the biggest names on Instagram. These accounts offer an insight into the daily lives of the world’s most famous people (the biggest accounts tend to be celebrities that are globally-recognised). This offers Instagram users a sense of being able to connect with these superstars but also getting an idea of what they like and what products they use. If one of these people uses a particular product, that product will surely see a lot more interest afterwards. And so Instagram also has a part to play in promoting products as it can be a free platform for advertising, whether it is done by Instagram’s leading names who happen to use certain products or by the companies themselves as they use the social network for their own advertising.

Why should you pay for Instagram followers?

If you are taking an interest in Instagram because you think that it can help you to increase the exposure and name recognition of your brand then it is a good idea to build up a large base of followers as they will be needed to provide the regular interaction that drives Instagram accounts to the top. The bigger the Instagram account is, the more attention they get. If this account represents a brand or a company then that attention is undoubtedly converted into greater brand recognition and increased sales in the real world. There are several statistics pulled from research about Instagram users which reinforce the idea that Instagram is a good place to advertise. 72% of Instagram users have purchased a product that they spotted on the social network. The interaction rate of Instagram users with branded content is the biggest among all the social networks and ten times greater than that of Facebook, its nearest rival. Additionally, 75% of Instagram users who view a brand on the app take some kind of action, such as viewing the profiles website. These behavioural patterns give a small indication of the benefits that Instagram offers companies who use it.

What to do once you have paid for Instagram followers?

If you do decide to bite the bullet and go for this option then you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into. Normally with these websites, you pay a set amount of money for a specific number of followers and it is up to you to add them to your account. You can add them all at once or you can spread them out over time. In both cases, the interaction with your profile will increase immediately and you will notice your popularity rise. This increase comes about by your new followers engaging with your profile through likes, views and comments. This added engagement also makes your profile more popular. If you add them all at once, this increase is a sudden shot in the arm but you may find yourself wanting to increase activity again at a sooner date. If you go for a staggered approach and add the followers over a period of time, you will have a more even increase in interaction but the interaction will continue to increase steadily over a period of time. Both approaches work well, it’s up to which one you prefer.