Angeles Go Off On New Single ‘Pain’

Angeles plays old school raw rock n roll with the passionate “Pain”. Everything about the track opts for an unhinged, free-spirited quality, from the careening guitar riffs to the wild vocals. By letting all these elements work in unison Angeles at times recall the chaotic joy of bands like Van Halen and Guns n’ Roses. Lyrics further emphasize this fun celebratory spirit that nicely weaves its way into the whole of the track. Allowing all of this to come together in such a perfect fashion makes a truly riotous work.

The grand distortion of the guitars introduces the piece. From there not a moment is wasted for Angeles rushes right into the mix. Grooves feel absolutely massive as they wash over it all. Volume deserves to be blasted for the song is designed for it, to be felt as well as heard. Letting loose in such a grand fashion means that the buildup feels particularly earned, with every single element of the sound adding to its overall sense of power and fiery spirit. Slowly but surely an evolution of the track takes place one that allows it to become an all-consuming force one that has a remarkable sense of style. By the finale it all comes together into a vast sea of sound.

Done with the greatest amount of precision, Angeles sculpt a truly perfect piece of rock, one that delivers rock’s promise of being a sheer force of nature.