4 Best US colleges for Music in 2019 and How to Get In

Want to sharpen up your theory or musical production skills? Choosing to study music in college is admirable, but it will take lots of dedications. Still the connections you make, and the skills you receive are well worth the effort.

Especially young songwriters and music producers will benefit significantly from musical college. Most songwriters working in the industry and writing hits have a strong knowledge of theory and all the technical aspects it takes to create a pop song.

Attending any of these four music colleges will guarantee you a fruitful career in music. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best of the best and how to get in.

1. Berklee College of Music

Most Berklee graduates go on to work in the popular music industry. From jazz to film scoring to composing musicals for Broadway – Berklee is the perfect choice for any artist who likes the classical approach. It is also the largest college of contemporary music worldwide.

The college itself is relatively modern, establishing itself in 1945. Jazz legend Duke Ellington was the first person to be awarded an honorary doctorate from the college, in 1971. Since then, Berklee has been home to a vast landscape of musical artists of all styles – from rock to classical music. Along the famous alumni of Berklee are the legendary guitarist John Mayer and Rivers Cuomo of Weezer.

Lots of students say Berklee will accept you if you’ve got the cash. And this seems right as the 2017-2018 acceptance rate was a soaring 57%. Keep in mind that the admissions are primarily focused on the audition, so come prepared.

2. Indiana University Jacobs School of Music

The IU Jacobs School of Music is incredibly diverse and much older than Berklee. Established in 1921, its professors are known to be the best music teachers in the world, especially for vocal performance and composition. Thirteen choirs, six hundred performances from students per year – and a ginormous musical library keep music students busy.

Most degrees in this school require students to participate in ensembles every year. These ensembles are quite famous and encompass plenty of music styles including Baroque Orchestra and jazz ensembles.

With over thirty notable faculty members (each having a Wikipedia page), you will be taught by the absolute best. This school is also massive and sports Brutalist architecture by Evans Woolen III. Considering the 1600 enrolled students, this school gives out about $5 million per year in scholarships.

3. Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California

USC is famous for its creative output into the world. The university has a great film school from where George Lucas graduated – but the music program is no less impressive.

Thornton is the oldest music school and art institution in California.  It is perfect for any students studying composition and scoring. USC gives a perfect creative and studying environment. USC has the best film music composition program of all American colleges.

This school was also the very first to offer undergraduate programs in Music Industry and Popular Music Performance. While other colleges were still focused on theory and ensembles, Thornton was keen on producing hit makes and industry legends.

4. University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre and Dance

Founded in 1880, this school is famous for having the very best programs for theatre and classical saxophone. Many graduates from this school end up working on Broadway or other well-known classical symphonies. The campus itself is beautiful and inspiring, a perfect place for any musician.

Also, the most well-known cellist Richard Aaron teachers here and his students fill all the ranks in famous symphonic orchestras around the world. Iggy Pop and Madonna are among the notable alumni from this school. If you are into classical music or Broadway, this might be a great alternative to Berklee.

How To Get In: The Admission Essay

Being able to write a good admission essay is key to getting into any college. The writing must be passionate and truthful, coming from the heart and genuinely selling yourself to the admission committee. For those having problems with writing admission essays, we can recommend the best college essay writing service Essaypro.com. They can give you a solid admission essay sample which you can tweak up and perfect.

The Audition

To get past the audition at these colleges – you need to really grind yourself. They’ll expect you to know your scales and arpeggios like the palm of your hand. If you’ve been a student of music for quite some time, the audition is nothing to worry about. However, you’ll have to answer basic theory questions and lightning speed.

Be Great At What You Do!

Whether you’re learning technical aspects of an instrument like piano or guitar, or composing songs and focusing on lyrics and structure – you must be great at what you do. These universities are incredibly competitive. Therefore you must prepare to demonstrate incredible levels of talent and dedication. Your admission essay and the audition will prove your commitment to these colleges.

Final Words

Music schools are very competitive, but with some dedication (and money) it should be easy to get in. The most popular and well-known music school is Berklee College of Music, and I personally know a few people who have gone there. They are delighted with the result.

To get into these colleges, it’s all about practice and practice again. If you can demonstrate your motivation and your skills at the audition – you’re guaranteed to get in!