Anglo-Norwegian Sasha Siem today returns with ‘Holey Wholly Holy’ taken from her 3rd album ‘Holy’ (via Tiferet Records) due 26th April 2019, her first new material under her name since 2016’s ‘Bird Burning’.

Her latest single is a journey of exploring and overcoming the past. The track was written at Siem’s home ‘cocoon’ studio in Brooklyn, New York, and produced by Danton Supple in London throughout 2018. She explains, “‘Holey Wholly Holy’ is a celebration of life and restoration, encapsulating the full spectrum of our human experience; it is a raw and honest song, born from a deep realization, that no matter where we’ve been, what we’ve been through, or what we’ve done – no matter how many mistakes we’ve made or how much darkness we’ve encountered or how broken we may have felt – ultimately, we are whole, Holy even.”