Upcoming Mobile app Development Trends 2019

There is a swift shift in the accessing of the Internet from laptop and desktop to smartphones. As a result, mobile apps have gone through a constant evolution where there is a rise in new trends and improvement of existing ones. Here are some of upcoming mobile app development trends you might be interested in.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) has already created great buzz worldwide and it’s continuing to take it further up in 2019 and even 2020. It has boosted the numerous verticals of the industry including e-commerce, construction, healthcare, real estate, transportation, etc. It also can and will solve the traffic problems in the big cities. There is a lot of boom in the educational industry as students, teachers, and parents are connected through the small virtual devices, so parents will have the opportunity to know how their children are studying in the classroom and, most importantly, parents know the performance of their child. These connected devices are nothing, most important are innovative apps. With the increased use in IoT devices, the demand for rich apps will also emerge in 2019.

2. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The term artificial intelligence & machine language are no more unknown to tech lovers. In fact, they have succeeded in simplifying the services. When AI collaborate with machine learning then it can be helpful in getting valuable data and real-time analytics. There are many applications that can make the life simpler and taking over everyday tasks including reading, sending the message, setting reminders, etc. For instance, these apps are Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana which used their AI capabilities. There are similar mobile apps in the form of chatbots and personal assistant. Skywell.Software Android mobile development is one such company which will cater your technical needs keeping in mind the AI and machine learning.

3. The Rise of AR and VR technology

There is a huge rise in Augmented and Virtual Reality in the gaming and entertainment industry. In addition to this, AR will be a game changer by setting trends in real estate, healthcare, etc. For instance, fashion designers can launch the mobile applications and ask their potential customers to upload the images and videos of their dresses they wish to wear. Using AR, the app can provide the specifications of the dresses. This is a win-win situation for both fashion designer and customer. The designer is relieved from the headache of convincing the customer about the different varieties of the dresses. On the other hand, the customer can view what her choices look like.

Like Augmented reality, Virtual reality is another trend that will be popular in 2019. VR can help in creating the different possibilities that are difficult and costly to create otherwise. It can help businesses to reflect how certain product will look on the customers, for example. As a result, the business can earn profits especially if they are into the business of jewelry, spectacles, etc. People prefer to get these benefits through mobile applications and therefore more businesses will invest in making such apps.

4. Mobile Wallets & Payment Gateways

The users shopping experience has changed significantly. The payment method has a shift from cash to debit card, to mobile wallets and to the digital currencies. In order to provide a better app experience, business needs to integrate payment gateways as well as mobile wallets, for example, Google and Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc, that provide secure encryption in 2019. The successful app should have three to four methods of making the payment including credit cards, mobile wallets, and gift cards for the convenience of users.

5. Chatbots will be an Integral Part

Chatbots have become an integral part of demand apps, as it helps consumers to get the response in the real time as quickly as possible. They perform this in the form of a virtual assistant and don’t involve human interaction. By 2025, the Chatbot market is expected to rise to 1250 million as per the survey. Chatbots are well connected with AI, AR & VR technologies to make a new impact when it comes to offering business. Above all, it has proved to be a powerful digital weapon for the business to outperform competitors.

In conclusion, these are some of the rising mobile app development trends that will make the work simpler and smarter.