Things To Consider While Going For A Breast Surgery

If you are considering to have breast surgery for cosmetic or health-related reasons, there are a list of things you need to consider before getting the process started. No matter if the surgery is for the purpose of rintojen suurennus (breast enlargement), breast upliftment or breast reduction– all these have certain things of consideration associated with all of them.

Breast surgery is something which should be well thought of and you should consider the recommendations made by your doctor to reduce the chances of infection and things going wrong.

In this article, we will specifically talk about things that you, a beautiful woman, should consider before getting affordable breast surgery.

How long for the recovery?

As a matter of fact, each woman is unique and special in their owns ways and so is their body. A different woman takes a different amount of time to recover from breast surgery. According to doctors and women who have already been through a breast surgery, you will be mobile by day one and will improve enough to practice full exercise within 6 weeks of the surgery.

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Get an idea of the amount of rest required

After breast surgery, it is recommended by doctors that you take complete rest. You should take off from work for almost a couple of week after the surgery has been successfully done.

Breast surgeries have several stitches and dressings involved in the process; it, it is very important for you to refrain for exercise, work, and vigorous movements at least until the stitches and dressings are intact. If your work at a place where there is a lot of lifting and carrying, you may be advised to take an extended period off.

Know the things you need to avoid after the surgery

There is a list of things which you need to avoid doing after getting your breast surgery done:

  1. Prevent the wound from getting wet until one or two weeks after the surgery.
  2. You should refrain from any kind of physical exertion. Exercise and physical labor are strictly prohibited after the surgery till almost 4 weeks. Physical labor may lead to the fall off of dressing and breaking of the stitches, ensuring increased duration of recovery.
  3. Sleeping face down is not something you should do. The ideal sleeping position is laying on your back. This not only ensures the reduction in swelling but also the decrease in the duration of recovery.
  4. Driving should be avoided because it might expose you to a lot of jerks and jolts which might lead to the breaking of the stitches.


Breast surgery is not something you get done every day, hence, you need to be firm with your thought process before getting the surgery done. Also, you should take all the recommendations very seriously because you would not want to do anything to ensure more pain and a longer recovery duration. Follow-up with your plastic surgeon is also very important because only then he can check you for infections or anything going wrong and make recommendations for your betterment.