Jalal Andre a.k.a Glorybots releases new single “Nomad”

Glorybots opts for a beautiful, soaring sound with the haunting “Nomad”. Done with the greatest of care, Glorybots mixes indie rock with an industrial edge helping to give the song such potency. Rhythm have a driving force to them as they power through never too intrusive. By far though the true heart and soul comes from the incredible vocals that appear to simply soar up into the heavens. Recalling Thom Yorke, the vocals have a tender tragic loveliness to them, one that yearns for more. Layer upon layer of sound filters into the mix further adding to the disorienting dazzling experience.






Swells of synthesizers introduce the piece setting the tone for what follows. Going for an expansive expressive take the beginning feels particularly impressionistic. The patience of the track works wonders while Glorybots magnifies even the smallest details ensuring that the buildup has a great poignancy behind it. Over the course of the entire journey Glorybots makes sure that everything has just the right edge behind it. Flirting with outright bombast, as the lyrics suggest, the song unfurls with such delicacy. Guitars and electronics merge together as the poppy demeanor of the piece further takes hold. Towards the latter half of the piece it all comes together in a colossal onslaught, as the distortion reaches an absolute breaking point. When the track finally bursts forth in glorious color it feels particularly earned.

On “Nomad” Glorybots chooses a stately path with a fiery fervor.