2019 – Sarantos ‘Happy New Year’ Official Music Video

Sarantos offers a feel-good sound for the holidays on the highly optimistic “Happy New Year” a piece whose message lingers in the mind long after it is over. Quite joyous the song is a pure celebration. Nicely embodying the hope that comes with a new year, the melody is irresistibly catchy. By far the highlight comes from the happiness of the lyricism. Exploring what a new year can bring, the vocals highlight all that a New Year brings. Firmly grounded in pop, Sarantos draws heavily from jazz, electronica, even a slight hint of funk. By letting the grooves settle into a comforting rhythm everything nicely captures the enthusiasm that a year change brings.

Opening with just the right amount of fanfare the song bursts forth in glorious color. Layer upon layer of sound enters into the mix becoming a fantastic dream of melodies and counter-melodies. The song truly begins only with the inclusion of Sarantos’ strong voice. Nicely bringing everything together in a fantastic stream of consciousness style, the piece has a great attention to detail. His voice, simultaneously soothing and encouraging, has a gentleness to it. Building up into a colossal finale, akin to the way that a year builds up to lead to a great party, everything feels just right.

“Happy New Year” displays the happiness a New Year ought to bring, and Sarantos does just right in highlighting how every new year is an opportunity to celebrate and to find contentment in the world.