AV Super Sunshine releases “Candyland Volume 1”

AV Super Sunshine creates a sugary rush of pixelated happiness with “Candyland Remixes Volume 1”. Utilizing the template of EDM and completely turning it on its head, the songs are filled with a childlike sense of joy. The playfulness of the pieces comes with how the rhythm and riffs come to become one. By lending the tracks a driving rhythm everything simply works. Vocals however are what give these songs a sense of life, nearly shouted, they help to feel like a fantastic celebration of sound. So many layers of sound effortlessly combine to create something vivid, something ever so real.

Perfectly setting the tone for the collection is the giddy beats of “Time Bomb (Radio Mix)” where everything seems to expand into the infinite. The chorus of “Are You Happy (Radio Mix)” builds up in an incredible way, a pure invitation to unbridled optimism, right down to the nimble synthesizers. Rolling through with the utmost of care things get a bit reflective on the dreamy atmospherics of “Orange (Radio Edit)”. Beats get a funky vibe on “Time Bomb (Club Mix)” letting things go a little into the surreal. The bass line of “Are You Happy (Club Mix)” gives the track a determined quality to it. Effortlessly bringing it all to a conclusion is the party spirit of “Alien Abduction (Interview Mix)”.

“Candyland Remixes Volume 1” shows off AV Super Sunshine’s impeccable knack at creating highly memorable creative pieces of work.