African Songstress FATi Takes The American Music Industry By Storm

Liberian born vocalist, FATi, to the American music industry and general public. Known for her distinctive vocal styling, the exotic beauty recently released her debut album, “L.O.V.E.,” produced by Ghanaian-based Many Music Records, in December 2018. The album’s title single, “Love,” immediately soared to the top of music charts in Ghana, where she currently resides, and became popular in night clubs across Ghana’s capital, Accra.

Known as the new face of Afro-pop, FATi hails from a family who are no strangers to the music industry. Among her relatives is the acclaimed jazz vocalist and songwriter, Senabella – The Bronzevilla Diva. Fati’s great-grandmother was also a celebrated jazz singer and songwriter in the 1940s. Her grandmother enjoys success as a published writer in Africa.