@skopemag News For November 11, 2018 @ 11 am est

Brooklyn’s Rue Snider releasing split single “City Living”/”Orlando”

Brooklyn, NY indie singer songwriter Rue Snider will be releasing the title track to his latest album as a split single with a new song, “Orlando,” on Tuesday November 13. We greatly appreciate the support you’ve given to his previous singles “Run Away With You,” “Hot Summer Nights,” “Experiment In Love,” and “Vamonos.” We’d love to have you give “Orlando” and “City Living” a listen. “Orlando” addresses the Pulse nightclub shooting and homophobia. While the song is specific to one incident, the themes still resonate today. “City Living” shares the story of how NYC is more than just a city and can be the light to get through dark times.

Sometimes Sonny with his debut album ‘Thanks A Million’

Similarly to ‘Have A Heart’, the origins of ‘Surgeons’ come from a place of reflection for Campbell. Growing apart from your friends or at least, realising your priorities may be different to theirs, ‘Surgeons’ is an ode to wishing things were different. “I wrote ‘Surgeons’ after coming home from a house party on the Gold Coast. I was expecting laid-back surfer vibes where I would be in my element having a couple of beers and some nice chats. But I didn’t realize most of these mates were starting to get into some harder drugs. Although I was tempted to give it a go, something held me back. With everyone having similar experiences that I couldn’t get on their level for, it was a sad and strange feeling to realise that perhaps I didn’t fit in with these mates anymore. I’m looking forward to the day when we can go back to surfing and having some good chats over beers.” Sometime Sonny

Electropop submission: Hollowlove – ‘Everything Falls In Line’

Some behind-the-scenes info: Keith wrote the music in his head while cycling up a very long and steep hill, coming up with the idea of a musical cycle that is ever-ascending, climbing and climbing in such a way that it could go on forever. The chord progression is 96 bars long and cycles through every major and every minor chord, but in an evolving way that does not call attention to the gradual harmonic shifts. The music was performed in a series of live passes through the entire arrangement, constantly tweaking every aspect of the all-analog synthesized sounds. The only exceptions are Ryan’s ethereal vocals, Keith’s solo on a Rhodes electric piano, and some acoustic percussion.

French Dark-Rock Cult M E L T released and streamed entire debut S/T album

Two weeks only after unveilling the official music video for the song “Cypher”, French Dark-Rock/Post-Punk/Indie-Art-Rock/Avant-Garde-Metal quartet Melt just officiel re-released its debut S/T album for CD & digital worldwide reissue through Bandcamp and the main digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc.).

Houston Bernard Band ‘- We Made Out’

Born in Oklahoma, Houston is a direct descendant of famous gunfighter George “Bittercreek” Newcomb, a member of the infamous Wild Bunch and a most-wanted man in the 1890s. More recently, Houston’s father and uncle played in country bands with stars like Tanya Tucker and Sleepy Labeef. The two men were a staple in the Nashville and Oklahoma Country music scenes known as The Rebel Brothers.