Rocker David Alpha releases 2 song EP “Rockin’ Roulette”

David Alpha goes for a fevered garage rock attitude on the defiant “Rockin’ Roulette”. A sense of true passion burns through these tracks as David Alpha’s fiery vocal delivery takes front and center stage. Piercing lyricism helps to tie the whole of the collection together, featuring just the right level of wordplay, storytelling, and humor. Guitar riffs chug along at their own clear-eyed intense pace. Best of all David Alpha pays close attention to the way that balance seems to define the entirety of these tracks, as buildups are an absolute necessity over the course of the whole journey.

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Breakneck speeds introduce the trip with the powerful “Sacrilege (radio edit)”. Utilizing a wry sense of humor, the song’s playfulness simply stuns, as does the wild careening groove. His voice rises above the din ensuring an intense focus to the entire thing. Easily the highlight, it has an incredibly catchy riff that lingers in the mind long after the song is over. Letting everything buildup into an overwhelming sort of workout allows David Alpha to show off his considerable chops in crafting an entire world that feels so vivid and real. Perfectly concluding the collection is the thrilling “Jeans”. Delivered with a fiery passion the guitars soar into the sky as the unhinged rhythms add to the track’s delirium.

On “Rockin’ Roulette” David Alpha crafts a unique style, one that feels so contemporary while drawing liberally from rock and roll’s glorious past.