The Pondhawks New Single “River Grove”

The PondHawks take a trip down memory lane with their beautiful nostalgia-soaked journey of “River Grove”. Keeping things to the essentials the song positively teems with life. Everything comes together in a lush, soothing fashion. Instrumentally rich the arrangement seems to unfurl at its own unique pace. By far though the true heart and soul of the piece comes from the highly articulate, thoughtful lyricism. With lyrics that emphasize the joy of childhood, the way that a single place can define a person, they feel particularly poignant. Delivered with true love and passion, the PondHawks let their piece gradually evolve building up in power. Stylistically rooted in folk, they also incorporate small elements of ambient and country into the mix ensuring that the track maintains a degree of airiness.


Not a moment is wasted for the piece grows in scope. The memories of a place come to the forefront. Guitar work intermingles in a way that gives it a certain airy quality. Synthesizers add to the gentleness of the piece, helping to emphasize the reflective quality of the song’s message. Drums have a delicate quality to them, loose and having an emotional component to them. Featuring such delicate guitar work it all merges into a gorgeous stream of consciousness take to the piece, with everything coming together in a brilliant, sun-soaked sort of fashion. For the final stretch it all simply fades away.

With “River Grove” the PondHawks delve into a quiet celebration of sorts.

By Beachsloth