Julia King releases single “Cannonball”

Julia King goes for a tender, full-hearted take on the singer-songwriter tradition with the gentle “Cannonball”. Things unfurl at their own unique pace for the piece has an introspective side to it. By far the core comes from Julia King’s bluesy vocals that rest at the very center of it all helping to tie everything together. Highly articulate the track unfurls to reveal a carefully crafted message, one whose narrative has a stream of consciousness poetic beauty to it. Never going too hard the song has a dreamy aura to it, courtesy of the delicate guitar work and soothing rhythms, with nothing ever rushed.

From such a delicate open, the guitar seems to almost linger about in the air. Possessing an almost western twang, Julia King explores a rustic kind of Americana. Things move at their pace ensuring that every emotion feels completely realized. Layer upon layer comes further into the mix ensuring that everything has a colorfulness to it. Her rich, resonant voice reveals a great deal of soulfulness as it grows in strength and power. When she lets the many verses intermingle an entire life comes into view, one that feels lived to the fullest. For the latter third of the work Julia King lets loose completely, feeling particularly cathartic as it all gently fades out into the infinite.

Sounding like a long-lost classic, Julia King’s “Cannonball” presents a timeless, tasteful work, one whose many charms reveal themselves upon multiple listens.