Girl In The Garden New Video/Single ‘Casual Glances’

Girl In The Garden goes for a hard, plastic pop elasticity with “Casual Glances”. Vocals stun featuring an intense commanding delivery. By keeping things to the absolute essentials, the song’s hard grooves possess an incredible physicality. The minimalism employed throughout means that the few effects feel particularly affecting. Melodies merge with rhythm in a way that feels so satisfying. Every single moment has a carefully curated quality to it. With this usage of magnification, the song’s many twists and turns become ever more meaningful. Inspired in equal amounts by tech house, synth-pop, and electro, the song’s message feels particularly palpable.

Synthesizer introduces the piece with a raw intimate quality. Creating a great pattern, the rest of the track follows suit. Truly the heart and soul of the piece comes from the clear-eyed focus of the vocals. Nearly cutting at times, there is a tremendous sense of yearning that propels the whole piece forward. Upon the beats entering the equation the song begins to jump, if only a little bit. Using the buildup carefully and with great consideration the whole of the piece unfolds in a mysterious aura. Atmospherics work wonders for the track moves at its own pace, never rushing a thing. For the final stretch of the piece Girl In the Garden lets it all get stripped away again in a most fantastic way.

On “Casual Glances” Girl In The Garden shows love for its surroundings, creating a fully formed futuristic piece of pop.

By Beachsloth