Phantom Phunk Presents New Single “Every Where You Go”

Phantom Phunk is one of our new favorite bands and have released a new, incredible single titled “Every Where You Go” which is from their latest EP “Struggle With Me.” The band is originally from Tampa, FL and have been very active in that scene. They are also well known for being environmentally conscious, with many songs having a pro-environment message. One of the first things you would pick up when you listen to “Every Where You Go” is the level of work that went into all the aspects of the song. Not only is the song writing excellent, the delivery of the accompanying instruments and production is exceptional.

“Every Where You Go” is a happy song, one of those songs that are light-hearted, filled with melodious synths and powerful vocals. Initially an alt-pop band, Phantom Phunk uses “Every Where You Go” to remind their fans that they are multi-dimensional and can roll well with a rap verse in the midst of their song. After the group’s founding member left, they expanded their reach, became more creative and delivered this new side in “Every Where You Go.” The song is proof that the group is versatile and deliver a message beautifully.

If you are looking for a new favorite song that can be played anywhere you are, in the club or at home with a nice bottle of wine. The mass appeal of the single is also lauded. It is not an easy feat to write a song that transcends age groups and gender. No matter your taste in music, you can enjoy “Every Where You Go” for its strong technical delivery, offering an insight to the talent behind Phantom Phunk.

Phantom Phunk has over the years, done whatever they want and have delivered a brand of music that feels genuine. The production quality of this track is impressive, and you can hear each instrument and how they all blend to deliver a mature sound. The composition is eclectic and when you look at what the “Struggle With Me” EP sound like, you can appreciate the amount of work that went into the production and mastery.

This song showcases how much Phantom Phunk have grown over the years and the progress they have made to be versatile in the sound they deliver and cut across different genres of music. If you are looking for a nice smooth song that also delivers a socially conscious message, then you should download “Every Where You Go” and enjoy a great song from one of the most promising bands to look out for.

By Ava Wright