@skopemag News For October 7, 2018 @ 9 AM EST

Nashville based indie rock trio Coyote Choir release new single “Kingdom of Love”

Nashville based indie rock trio Coyote Choir have just premiered a new single titled “Kingdom of Love.” The track, which premiered on , is featured on the band’s debut album, Vol. 1, which drops on 11/2. “Coyote Choir bellows a message as urgent as it is infectious,” said Ground Sounds, who described “Kingdom of Love” as “infectious, powerful, impressive.”

“‘Kingdom of Love’ was written to remind ourselves and the listener of the healing power love holds,” says the band. “Yes, it is inevitable that our hearts will be broken and we will go through real times of darkness and pain, but these times are not permanent. There is hope and a future. Love wins!”

Kaby premieres Soon with Earmilk

‘Soon’ is an ode to Hip-Hop of yesteryear with a boom-bap flavor that screams and wiggles with a wordplay reminiscent of emcees who when starting out have something to prove. Beyond the cutting lyrics there is a laser focus drive emanating from deep with Kaby as he raps with earnest and little humor to boot.”- Earmilk

Rozzi Unveils Video for “Joshua Tree”

“I wrote ‘Joshua Tree’ a week after my boyfriend and I broke up – it’s about trying to reconcile all the reasons we were together with all the reasons we ended it. It’s the most personal song I’ve ever written,” Rozzi said of the video. “So we made a personal video. Intimate and simple and full of the little moments you remember after a break up, we tried to just tell the story like the song does.”

Zone 6 Standouts Yung Mal & Lil Quill Share the Reflective, Richie Souf-Produced “Ain’t The Same” Video

Demonstrating an invigorating chemistry in their energetic strain of bouncy trap, rising duo Yung Mal & Lil Quill have ATL on smash. Reflective on recent losses and their increasing success, Mal & Quill share a visual for the soft-spoken “Ain’t The Same.” Ruminating over an aqueous downtempo production from Richie Souf, the two rappers revel in their riches and their accomplishments, but not without thinking about the struggle they’ve overcome or the people they’ve lost: “Just thinking about my nigga, if he was here, know we’d be laughing, yuh/My brother called from prison, say he got his face tatted up/I’m just tryna add it up, my son getting big, he bad as fuck/He quick to throw that Candler up, and he know his daddy up,” rhymes Mal. In the video, Mal & Quill chill with their tight-knit crew, mobbing in an apartment complex, shooting dice, and rolling up dro. “Ain’t The Same” is a standout track from Souf6, the duo’s Richie Souf-produced project, released in June.

Electro-Pop Powerhouse, Car Astor, Releases “Girlfriend” on Ghettoblaster

Electro-pop powerhouse Car Astor (formerly known as SEE) has just released her newest single “Girlfriend” on Ghettoblaster Magazine who raved about the track saying, “Not only is the song swelling with anger, it’s upbeat and completely danceable.”

“Girlfriend”, written with Kirsten Maxwell and produced with Walter Kazmier, marks new territory for Car Astor, “It’s the first song I’ve written from this angry emotion and it’s also probably the most upbeat and dance-y song I’ve ever done!”

Dance to Dom Marcell’s new music video – “Thats Whats Up”

Self-made businessman-turned-pop/R&B artist Dom Marcell releases his new video for his single, “Thats Whats up”. His second official single since launching his music career one year ago, “Thats Whats Up” has an upbeat R&B/pop vibe with a sophisticated dance and hip hop flair, similar to Usher and Ne-Yo.

GENUS ORDINIS DEI reveal new video & single for ‘Hail and Kill’ (Manowar Cover)

Symphonic death metal quartet Genus Ordinis Dei have revealed a brand-new music video for their latest single, Hail and Kill. The song, which was originally written and recorded by the legendary power-metal band Manowar is out now via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more! The video was directed by Steve Saints. Watch the ‘Hail and Kill’ music video at this location.

“We’ve always been true fans of this legendary metal band and we know that Manowar inspired thousands of bands, including us” says vocalist Nick Key. Guitarist Tommy Mastermind adds, “Representing the universe of Manowar in just one is song is not only hard, it’s impossible. We’re excited and honored to pay homage to the Kings of Metal with our cover version of Hail and Kill. We did our best to arrange a song that we, as true Manowar fans, want to listen and recognize as a true classic… Hail!”

New Music from RDGLDGRN – ‘Clapback’

“Clapback” is a steady injection of sonic adrenaline that unfolds over Rage Against The Machine inspired guitars and a driving combination of percussion and bass. The hypnotic repetition of the refrain and Green’s aggressive delivery of top level bars bring a level of focus to the chaotic, yet meticulously arranged, soundcape creating a single that is tailor-made for your next workout playlist or any other situation when you need that punch-in-the-face motivation to dig out that extra mile or overcome a hurdle in your life. The video finds our three favorite colors (Red, Gold and Green) in search of a new nemesis, the Blue Ninja. The narrative sets the tone for a new adventure that the band will undertake during the course of LP3’s release.


Fresh off their inaugural “summer of ska” Cranking & Skanking Fest, The Mighty Mighty BossToneS proudly announce HomeTown ThrowDown 21 will take place December 28, 29, and 30 at House of Blues located at 15 Landsdowne Street in Boston. All shows are all ages, and Sunday, December 30 is an afternoon matinee, with doors opening at 4pm.

Tickets are $25 and go on sale today through Ticketmaster

New Accü single ‘Crash To Kill’ Out 19.10.18 on Libertino Records

‘Crash to Kill’ is the third single to be taken from the eagerly anticipated debut album by Welsh artist Accü ‘Echo The Red’ out at the end of October. ‘Crash to Kill’ is a uncompromising defiant leap into a future fully envisaged by Accü herself as she explains:

“‘Crash To Kill’ was the first piece I wrote when I decided to make music on my own again. It was a natural yet big decision for me at the time. I suppose my mind saw it fitting to reflect on difficult facts; that destruction is sometimes needed. It’s the being eaten and the desperate wish to be spat back out and that sometimes one must consume the belly that once ate you.”