Jason Rylan Inspiring New Single ‘Strong’

Aptly named, Jason Rylan’s “Strong” proves to be a truly inspirational piece of work. Representing the best of what pop has to offer, Jason Rylan’s powerful, deep vocals add to the song’s undeniable emotional core. Everything comes together in a pitch-perfect sort of way. His understanding of how to build a song up has a great amount of care and consideration. While firmly grounded in a pop music tradition, elements of country, classical, with a cinematic flourish helps to make the journey something truly special. Melodically rich everything about the piece simply stuns in a lovely, luscious fashion.

Starting off with a hushed aura, the piece begins with a glowing atmosphere. The mixture of ambience with a hint of country comes together in a fantastic way. Jason Rylan’s voice ties all of it together with such perfection. By allowing the song to grow organically it has a lived-in, fully realized quality to it. His lyrics have a certain poetry to them while they at times recall the optimism of Fleet Foxes. Choosing to go for such an approach works wonders. Piano adds to the majesty of the piece, as everything rises up with tremendous hope. Rhythms anchor it all as everything rushes by in a brilliant beautiful blur. For the latter half of the piece the way the strings sweep feels particularly earned, as if everything before was leading up to this very moment in time.

On “Strong” Jason Rylan delves into a life-affirming, joyous celebration of the world.


By BeachSloth