New Video By Liily “Toro”

This year marks the birth of Liily and the resurrection of feverish chaotic hard rock. Calling back to the 90s, their sonic rush channels a raw passionate fire that feels familiar but also different, with edges uncut. They have created a positive space for their generation in a time that feels bankrupted. Their oldest member is only 19 years old and they already come across like anti-rock stars. Coming out swinging, their lyrical content is riddled with restlessness bound to knock one out. Reborn and remastered, rock’s golden age will no longer be a distant diamond in the rough.

Liily rose from Los Angeles but didn’t let their indie-centric culture sway them from their truth. The band is composed of five members including Maxx Morando on drums, Sam De La Torre on guitar, Charlie Anastasis on bass, Aaron Reeves on guitar, and Dylan on lead vocals. On the edges of the Inland Empire in the San Fernando Valley, they have managed to create a sound that carries the integrity of art and creative expression. They have been experimenting for a few years but this summer they released their first single, “Toro”, and it has already gained traction from true music lovers. This back and forth affair has brought out their pent-up energies, calling to mind the likes of early Foo Fighters and Rage Against the Machine. Their debut EP is set to be released this fall entitled Toro as well. With the narrator of the records plagued by seemingly unquenchable thirst, their manic intensity rains down and replenishes a dead genre that no longer seeks slumber.