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Check Out The New Video BY BLOW_FLYY ‘MY DREAMS’

Watch the Powerful Video for John Prine’s “Summer’s End”

Oh Boy Records teamed up with Elaine McMillion Sheldon and Kerrin Sheldon – the Academy Award-nominated husband and wife team behind the Netflix Original Documentaries “Heroin(e)” and “Recovery Boys” – to direct and produce the official music video for “Summer’s End,” featured on The Tree of Forgiveness.

Layer Cake – Debut Single: Keep Me Awake

What came out has been compared to Brit rock favourites such as the Arctic Monkeys and The Kooks – however you can compare us to whoever you like, as long as they are incredibly more successful than us and we can live vicariously through an over fluffed complimentary comparison.

Frank James – ‘Killah’ Single & Video

Shackled to an unusual hip-hop inspired beat and driven by James’s raw vocals and steel string guitar its indie-folk as you haven’t heard it before: effortlessly edgy, stripped down and sultry. Killah is latest single off James’s debut release The Hopecity EP which was recorded and produced in London by Brendan Davies.

“I really wanted to emphasise the power a woman can have on you with this track not just lyrically but sonically too the way they can draw you in that’s the guitar, the chaos they can cause that’s the beat and although you know you should leave because it just might kill you, you stay that’s the hook” – Frank James

J. Bruno’s dreamy slacker-pop, psych-soul infused ballad ‘Lose Yourself’

The track draws on both pop and hiphop inspirations, but in a hippie-sort-of-way, where the main focal point is J. Bruno’s clear and rhythmic vocal that has a persuading cool and old school sound to it. It’s a slow and groovy track, packed in an oozing lo-fi and a tight bottom. A picturesque universe infused by a mix of soul, psychedelic rock and old school love ballads with romantic stories crooned and whispered on top.

SCARAB: Release New Lyric Video ‘Circles of Verminejya’ from Upcoming Album “Martyrs of the Storm”

Egypt’s Death Metal band Scarab unleash their new lyric video Circles of Verminejya. The song is taken from their third full length upcoming album titled Martyrs of the Storm. The album features a number of artists: Joe Haley (Psycroptic), Karl Sanders (Nile), Tarassenko Nikita (The Condratiction), Amducias Baal (Temple of Baal), Stephen Moss (Onsetcold), Achraf Loudiy (Aeternam) and Paul Nazarkardeh (De Profundis). The bass has been recorded with another De Profundis member, Arran Macsporran.

VULGARIANS | Share new video

It’s a tongue-firmly-in-cheek video from the band that follows the demise of clown’s career, drawing a narrative from the satiric theme of the title. Speaking about the clip, drummer, Connor Cheesman says: “The main concept behind the video is that of a failed children’s entertainer. He’s essentially looking for a place to bury himself, so he can be loved and appreciated again – hence the title of the track. He searches high and low for the perfect site, but eventually finds it in an unlikely place.”

Skope single submission: J.Lately, “Fun’s Up”. Bay Area emcee, Locksmith collaborator

“This song is about the feeling of working a long week, finishing your shift late Friday night, getting your paycheck, then hitting your friends up like ‘don’t tell me the party is over already’, metaphorically speaking,” J. says. “It’s about appreciating the fun moments in life that we work so hard for, and even if they’re just fleeting moments, enjoying them as much as possible before they’re gone. The summer may be coming to an end, but the fun is definitely not up.”

STRANGE CAGES release new ‘Silver Queen’ EP!

The wonderfully madcap Brighton 4-piece Strange Cages have returned with their brand new EP release ‘Silver Queen’, and it’s another brilliant hypnotically-charged slice of psych-rock from the band, with 6 tracks all based around the fictional cult leader the ‘Silver Queen’.

Van Morrison Announces New Album The Prophet Speaks

The Prophet Speaks is Van Morrison’s 40th studio album and will be released on December 7th on Caroline International. This fourteen track album follows a recent run of hugely acclaimed albums (Roll With The Punches, Versatile and You’re Driving Me Crazy), each of which has delved deep into the musical styles that have continued to inspire Van throughout his life – vocal jazz and R&B. Here, Van takes on a series of unarguable classics by the likes of John Lee Hooker, Sam Cooke and Solomon Burke (among others) and makes them unmistakably his own. Alongside these reinterpretations, The Prophet Speaks features six phenomenal new Van Morrison compositions.

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness announces new album ‘Upside Flowers’ + new tour

When Andrew McMahon went “into the wilderness” he started a transformative journey that was both introspective and imaginative. That journey comes full circle with the release of his third full length album Upside Down Flowers available worldwide on November 16th, 2018 via Fantasy Records and available for pre-order now.


Multi-platinum producer Will A Fool drops hot single “What’s Real,” as artist and producer

“What’s Real” will be featured on Will A Fool’s upcoming EP comprised of all exclusive records produced by Will A Fool. The EP does not currently have a name or a scheduled release date, but he plans to drop it before the end of the year. In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for another record from his upcoming project titled “No Hook,” featuring Hollywood Yc (@1hollywood_yc).

Check Out The New Video BY BLOW_FLYY ‘MY DREAMS’