New Single from Canadian Recording Artist: Kassie Tyers – “Blue Skies”

An earnest spirit flows through the whole of Kassie Tyers’ “Blue Skies”. Kassie is a proud Canadian from Northern Ontario. Her storytelling abilities reveal a poetic quality, as the whole of the piece unfurls with a soothing aura. The arrangement has a great balance, making sure that everything falls into place with such perfection. Guitars have a gorgeous western twang to them, and the light organ gives the track a bluesy quality to it. By far though the true heart and soul comes from Kassie Tyers’ voice, with sings with truth and honesty. Everything within the track is given just the right amount of time to soar up into the heavens in a way that feels so vital and so real.

Laid back grooves glisten with the lush introduction. Moving forward at its own unique pace, the whole of the track celebrates the fantastic wide-open spaces that define so much of Canada. A great sense of contentment works wonders helping to tie the whole of the piece together. Small flourishes have a great impact for Kassie Tyers makes sure that the lyrics allow for the mood to truly be set. By opting for such a style, the track positively shimmers with light. Evolution of the groove occurs with a great grace for the whole of the work comes together in a fantastic celebration of independence and freedom.

Featuring a fine, dreamy disposition Kassie Tyers paints a lovely portrait of back home in Northern Ontario, with the infinitely stylish and inviting work of “Blue Skies”.

By Beachsloth