Singer-Saxophonist Danny Bacher’s New Album ‘Still Happy’

Wild, unpredictable, Danny Bacher’s “Still Happy” represents the very best intersection of jazz, pop, delivered with the utmost of joy. Positively bursting at the seams, everything about the album passes by in a glorious blur of color. A kaleidoscopic range touches upon every aspect of the album, from the intense saxophone work to Danny Bacher’s incredibly playful, nimble lyricism. Songs have a concept, punchy attitude to them while they nicely build off each other. The whole of the album serves as a vast tapestry of sound, ensuring that nothing is held back in the best way possible.

“Getting Some Fun Out Of Life” sets the tone for the album. At a breakneck pace the whole of the track goes for a freewheeling, carefree attitude. Things slow down a little on the sly grooves of “Laughing At Life”. Going for a late-night, swinging approach is the casual cool of “Shakin’ The Blues Away”. Layer upon layer comes into the fray on the colossal spirit of “Hooray for Hollywood”. A thoughtful contemplative air reigns supreme over the intimate environment of “Lucky To Be Me”. Rather spirited “Joie De Vivre” feels aptly named, featuring a perfect intermingling of saxophone and piano in a grand sweep. Easily the highlight of the album comes with the gorgeous “Joy Spring”. Great energy pours through the whole of “Get Happy”, where Danny Bacher’s approach has a fresh take on the beloved classic. Perfectly bringing it all to a close is the timeless Bossa-Nova inflections of “Cloudy/Nuages”.

Sept. 30th
The Cutting Room – 44 E 32nd St
New York, N.Y.
Showtime: 7:00pm

Everything works wonders on Danny Bacher’s lovingly executed “Still Happy”.

By Beachsloth