BREAKING NEWS: Fur Ban Victory in Los Angeles!

Following years of campaigning by In Defense of Animals to end the barbaric fur trade, Los Angeles is making history by becoming the largest city in the world to ban fur sales. Los Angeles’ City Council today voted unanimously to draft an ordinance outlining a city-wide fur ban.

“Los Angeles’ historic move to ban fur sales today is likely to herald the end of the barbaric fur industry for good,” said In Defense of Animals President, Marilyn Kroplick M.D. “This major city sets global fashion and culture trends, and has sent a message to the world that animals should not to be abused for clothing. We are delighted by this significant victory for animals, the public, and activists and organizations around the world who have exposed the cruel fur industry.”

Los Angeles’ fur ban ordinance will prohibit the sale of apparel and accessories made in whole or in part of fur, including coats, handbags, shoes, hats, and jewelry. Retailers will be given a two-year phase-in period. The fur ban ordinance will need to be approved and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti before officially becoming law.

outsideOUTSIDE – “If I Don’t Wake Up” // New Single

On Friday, the band released a new single in honor or National Suicide Prevention Week, “If I Don’t Wake Up.”

“As individuals who have struggled with suicidal thoughts, addiction, depression, and anxiety, we understand what it’s like to fall victim to self-destructive tendencies. These feelings are too heavy to escape, and running away only means that you eventually get caught. ‘If I Don’t Wake Up’ is our attempt to acknowledge these emotions instead of hiding or escaping from them, and only in this way do we overcome them.”

KEXP Premieres the new video from Wild Powwers for ‘Skin’

KEXP premiered the video stating: “Hilgemann’s voice is a versatile instrument, capable of a variety of tones and emotions, perfectly augmenting whatever musical accompaniment it leads. On the title track of their forthcoming album Skin, Hilgemann unfurls her voice like a ripcord along to the propulsive, careening alongside her squealing guitar and the 200-ton, runaway truck push Flores’ drums and Gomes’ bass provides.”

Glass Heart String Choir – Wildfires music video

Wildfires, their new single, is an exercise in perspective and perception. Singer/lyricist Ian Williams describes a time where he was hiking in the Rocky Mountains and stopped to photograph an aspen grove near an idyllic mountain lake. He was later discouraged to discover the pictures failed entirely to capture the moment in a way that was true to his memory; a small disappointment that let loose a flood of memories about how often what he feels has no quarter, and the rippling rings of inefficacy that follow.

The Foes of Fern will steal your heart with “The Bike Song”

The track and its corresponding video premiered via Impose Magazine where the titular Matt Fernicola shared:

“‘The Bike Song’ is one of my oldest songs that I still play. It was one of those songs that just happened, with no real pre-writing. I was hanging out with my old Airacuda bandmates and we were jamming in our apartment in Boston back in like 2012. I started to improvise some lyrics and found myself singing about my bike being stolen (which had happened that morning) and a past relationship that had just ended for me. The result was a pretty passive-aggressive song about both an ex-girlfriend and a stolen bicycle.

The arrangement had much more thought put into it then the actual song. I spent countless hours at Telegraph Hill Records working out all the parts with my producer Joe Pomarico and sax / clarinet player Michael Squillace. The three of us put our heads together to come up with the orchestration and then we hired a bunch of players to come in and perform on the song. The whole process took about 8 months.”

PHAL:ANGST: Cvlt Nation Premieres Eerie “The Books (JK Flesh Remix)” Video

Phase IV is the impending new full-length from Vienna-based industrial post-rock unit, PHAL:ANGST. Recorded and co-produced by Alexandr Vatagin (Valeot Records, Slon, Tupolev, Port Royal, Werner Kitzmüller) and mastered by New York-based acclaimed sound engineer Alex Psaroudakis, Phase IV includes two remixes: “Despair II” by Will Brooks aka MC Dälek of Dälek and “The Books,” by industrial metal pioneer JK Flesh aka Justin Broadrick of Godflesh.

Watch JK FLESH rework PHAL:ANGST “The Books”


The brainchild (no pun intended) of Mumbai come Melbourne guitarist & vocalist Chinmay Sinha is Dr Sinha’s Jazz Lobotomy – 7 musicians rising quickly up the ranks of Melbourne’s improv jazz and groove scene.

Following the success of their debut single ‘Grown Man’ released in 2017, the band are proud to announce their newest single ‘Invisible Kids’.

AlphaCub + Skope

Joining forces with producer Gavin Whelehan, AlphaCub tracked Night Heart, his debut album, over the course of 2017. Mixed by GRAMMY® Award-winning engineer and producer Ken Lewis (One Republic, Lorde, Lady Gaga, X Ambassadors, Kayne West), the record balances shimmering eighties synths, dance floor-ready beats, stadium-size energy, and grunge attitude – almost as if M83 and Billy Corgan teamed up to score an Atomic Blonde sequel.

Billboard Shares SHAED’s Takeover Tuesday Playlist | “Melt” EP Out This Friday

Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week, Billboard taps chart-topping artists and tastemakers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard’sSpotify account. We give the artists free rein to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

Electropop trio SHAED initially stormed onto the scene back in 2016 with the release of their breakthrough single, “Perfume.” The bubbly track has racked up 2.9 million streams on Spotify, elevated by lead singer Chelsea Lee’s capitvatingly sultry vocals. Two years later, the group garnered similar attention with another 2016 track, “Name On It,” which is featured in a recent Victoria’s Secret campaign and has more than 5 million YouTube views.

Rising UK Singer Drops Powerful New Single

As a female artist, in light of the Me Too Movement, Grace wanted to use her platform as a part of the narrative and channeled her thoughts into the powerful song. The message behind Me Too is about encouraging and reinforcing equality.

Grace is signed under The Uprise, a new record label launched by Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes and former NFL Super Bowl Champion, Osi Umenyiora.

New Video! Darrell Kelley “Unity”

Leave preconceptions and baggage behind to come aboard and take a spiritual journey with Darrell Kelley. Boston born Kelley is a man for all seasons. Labels like musician, spiritual leader, author and entrepreneur only scratch the surface of the talents Darrell possesses. Moving to Georgia he established the legendary Soul Delicious Grill and Buffet restaurant where well prepared meals are accompanied by the sweet sounds of R&B and Gospel music. His chronicle, “The Book of UWGEAM”, is a summary of how through love, unity and respect a better way of life is accessible. Mr. Kelley also serves as the Pastor for The Temple of UWGEAM (an acronym for God of the universe God of the world God of all gods God of everything and God of anything including me). Yet, he still finds time to create, perform and record music. Darrell Kelley may be the epitome of a renaissance man.


After their recent official gold certification in the US, Melbourne indie folk outfit The Paper Kites have been quietly preparing for the highly anticipated release of their fourth studio album On The Corner Where You Live, set for release this Friday, September 21 via Wonderlick / Sony Music Australia.

Give them your tired, your lonely, your lovesick, your unsure, The Paper Kites have a song for each of them on this latest album. On The Corner Where You Live wafts evocatively with noir-ish saxophones, guitars, ambient traffic, even the languid sound of rain. It’s levitating and bittersweet; heavy-hearted stories that are resoundingly universal. Ahead of the release, the band have dropped a gorgeous music video to accompany the melancholy album track, Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain.