Swedish songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Menke, who recently released her debut EP Till Havet via Size/Cosmos, will release a remix of her track ‘Nattskärran’ from acclaimed German electronic producer Christian Löffler.

OUT TODAY! “Moonless Night” EP from soulful popicana duo Freddy & Francine

In this dark point in history, in this “moonless night,” art is more important than ever. Freddy & Francine’s new album is a step in a new creative direction–still planted in the folkicana realm, but awash in pop sensibilities. Bandmates Lee Ferris and Bianca Caruso tackle many issues on Moonless Night-in groovy opener “Half A Mind,” Ferris, who has been open about his struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction, sings of love and learning to deal with his ghosts. “Ain’t No Way” highlights the struggle of the creative life and refusing to give up on your dreams, while “Better Man” was inspired by the beautiful story of Best Picture/Oscar winner Moonlight. During their live shows, the band jokes of staying in cheap motels–those where the bath towels are so scratchy they make you bleed–as the inspiration for the vintage vibes of Buddy Holly-esque “Sweet On You.”

HORSEWHIP: Cvlt Nation Debuts “Aver” As Self-Titled LP Nears Release

HORSEWHIP delivers a dose of crusty, gnarled, noise-drenched hardcore anthems. The densely-packed Horsewhip 12″ unloads seven tracks in eighteen minutes, an album fans of His Hero Is Gone, Cursed, Acrid, Pg.99, Orchid, Reversal Of Man, and Combatwoundedveteran should not miss. Horsewhip was recorded at Rock Garden Studio by Dan Byers, mixed by Jeremy SH Griffith at Printups Studio, and finished with cover art by Richard Minino and graphic design by Shaun Drees.

Chaotic Nihilistic Screamo ALERT! Horsewhip’s “Aver”


“‘Ribcage’ is a little idea I had to articulate the fact that I find falling in love so hard…It’s been 25 years of dating, ‘don’t-know-how-I-feels,’ and distancing because every time I get close, I automatically stop myself. Maybe all of our hearts are just caged up inside us, simply waiting for the right person to come set them free?” – Plested


The 10-track LP boasts singles such as “Honest,” a record that climbed to #5 on the Billboard Adult R&B Charts. A remixed version of “Why I Love You,” – the original release currently acts as a global nod to love with over 55 million views, has evoked tears from superstars such as Halle Berry and Sam Smith and is proclaimed by Stevie Wonder as “wedding song of the year” since its release.

Brigetta Premieres Her Catchy Brand of Minimalist Pop with The 405

“While Nashville is still best known for country, it has a pop scene that amasses more converts every day. At 16, Brigetta moved to Nashville to pursue music, quickly signing a publishing deal with Prescription Songs. Originally performing in the duo, Truitt, Brigetta is now looking to bring her solo work to light. At 19, she is ready to bring her stories center stage,” The 405’s Ian Hays wrote on Thursday. “The minimalist beats and bubbling bass line will have you dancing, keeping the song aloof and unbothered. So, check out Brigetta’s debut single, ‘Tic Tac Toe,’ as you reevaluate how you’re handling those texts with your local crush.”

HOLYCHILD Releases New Song “Hundred Thousand Hearts”

“Hundred Thousand Hearts is about how nothing else matters except love. The world will eventually end, and I hope when my residual energy is floating past the constellations it holds some semblance of the love I have in my life. That’s what the song is about. How relationships are complicated but they define us to a certain extent and we can’t escape that. Anyway, hope you enjoy! It’s my favorite song of ours right now.” xox Liz


Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated artist Logic – among the top streaming artists in the world with billions of streams to date – burst onto the music scene through a series of mixtapes that led to a significant, rabid underground fan base. His tapes – Young, Broke, and Infamous; Young Sinatra; Young Sinatra: Undeniable; Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever, – garnered millions of downloads and streams, jumpstarting a worldwide tour all before signing a record deal with Def Jam Recordings in 2014.

Tommy Genesis debuts Charli XCX remix of “100 Bad”

Genesis says, “Charli is an amazing artist, she just gushes talent. After we made ‘Bricks’ [for Assassination Nation], I sent her ‘100 Bad’ because the song needed a new powerful force, and she absolutely killed it. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it! She really did her thing.”


The track, co-written by Robinson, is a searingly honest reflection on the pain of heartbreak, and a realisation of the pain caused in past relationships. Robinson says “Medicine is about not realising the weight of your actions and words until it happens to you. It’s about having a taste of your own medicine.”