Matthew Mayer Presents ‘Beautiful You’

Have you ever traveled out West in the United States of America? There are so many states clustered together that are known for so much, quite impressively, A LOT! And that is stating a lot as Omaha, Nebraska is the showcase city-state where there are so many great things going on out there and it is not JUST THE STEAKS! To be honest, the shocking discovery is Matthew Mayer and his ‘Beautiful You’ Album. What is about going to be said wipes any doubts away about the sound that is being carried around in the new album, ‘Beautiful You.’

From mid-west, there is a giant: a stepping stone to greatness by way of the simplest and most thought-provoking promising instruments…Guess what that one sound is? The piano. Matthew Mayer has brought out simple joy, emotions of all kinds, and a beautiful escape from hardships, hustle and bustle of the day, and any sort of negative belief in his adaptation for the piano. At first listen, it feels like you have just boarded an airplane to take off to your destiny. You are waiting to go down the runway, and then this music comes on that seems to play your entire life from the moment you were conceived until the moment that you breathe your last breath of air. Matthew takes you to a height that only can be matched by that of gravity and being one with the universe. His heart and soul evoke an emotion within your inner mind that causes you to stop breathing and to absorb everything that is happening. I must admit: I wasn’t ready to hear what traveled to my ears. It left me wounded and warm as I began to start thinking about life.


In total, there are 12 songs that totally represent 12 different angles to view Matthew Mayer on this album. But the most amazing thing about the album is the fact that nothing sounds alike while all melodies each tell a different story. The album at first listen is very full of character. To be honest, the sound that was reviewed is not comparable to anything or anyone as it is SIMPLY AMAZING. There are enough words to truly begin to understand the melodies as to hear and witness this alone says that something more powerful than any human was present during its creation. The journey begins with ‘Raindrops of Armor, Fly Little Bird, and You Are Enough.” ‘Raindrops of Armor,” takes the mind to a mythological land where mythology and the Greek gods are the stars. In this song, the notes tickle while the strokes of the piano are felt just like little raindrops or misty dew in the morning. You can feel the amazing confidence of Matthew on this song as his mind connects with your subconsciously. In “Fly Little Bird,’ you physically hear the minor piano key where the darker sounding chords are those of doubt mixed with tons of determination. There is a moment of wondering just if the little bird will get the courage to get out of the nest and take that leap to fly. Beautiful arrangement indeed! Lastly, in ‘You Are Enough,’ Matthew Mayer gives the true meaning of Enough. One might think of enough as a substantial amount, but the music connected to me to make me believe in every note that was being played. On a hard day, this song should be played in the symbolism of making sure that you stay focused on the big picture and know that you are here on earth for a purpose.

Moving on, the album swings into ‘A Modern Introspection,’ the album track title, ‘Beautiful You, Of Haunt and Hope, Broken Mirror, and Bill Next Door.’ ‘A Modern Introspection’ quickly takes your mind on another journey. The modern based musical approach sound takes on the musical definition behind the building of dreams. For example, when an architect sets out to build a skyscraper, there are tons of things that are thought about, while also a planning phase to get it done and this song has that fast-paced sound that encourages one to actually try and move forward to making that skyscraper become a reality! In the album title song, ‘Beautiful You,’ Matthew Mayer did indeed present the best form possible for a beautiful you! From the first moment that the melody is showcased, the minor key presented takes the reactions and realization away all at the same time. It’s almost like you vanish in thin air because the melody drifts your soul away. This song was an album favorite and requires a tissue as the melody caused a single tear to roll down my cheek! And yes, this song was played in a row, 3 times! ‘Of Haunt and Hope’ is a very sad sounding song. The melody suggests that there is an old widow going back in time to a place where she was her happiest. Those times of true happiness were when her husband was alive, and pursuing her with every ounce of love in his heart. Hearing ‘Of Haunt and Hope,’ was like hearing life being created and destroyed all at once. What a powerful song? ‘Broken Mirror,’ begins the introduction of lower bass notes on the piano and was a first song to showcase the piano played in lower and higher regiments. In ‘Broken Mirror,’ the imagination showcases a person watching themselves in a mirror broken in millions of tiny pieces. Each piece is reflective of the many situations that brought them to where they were. Each lower bass note is the person striking the mirror to be able to travel back in time. Such a powerful song but yet so overwhelming because, in life, we all have opportunities that we could have taken but chosen another direction. ‘Bill Next Door,’ evokes a happier beginning in the next chapter of the album. It reminds us to be close to those when we can. ‘Bill Next Door,’ is that happy feeling song that immediately cheers your spirits up as soon as the melody begins. Here a person can easily start thinking about that one person that can make them smile while putting aside the ill feelings that sometimes occurs when thinking about someone that they may have lost along the way.


The last section of the album travels to the songs, ‘Tranquility, Ordinary Way, Dreams VII, and In Spirit.’ In ‘Tranquility,’ Matthew uses peace as the bases to begin. The amazing melody is so peaceful that a person transforms into a beautiful sunrise on a peaceful beach. The happy melody evokes a sense of timeless creation that only can be understood from a very human moment. This song causes a happy smile but actually makes you appreciate life where you are. ‘Ordinary Way’ is a dark yet meaningful song. Here is this song, the imagination runs wild as the song in itself is far from ORDINARY. However, guidance is showcased as it feels every bit like a person extending their hand out to help someone find their way and reaching deep to hold them at a critical point of life. The way obviously is to the light yet, once again, those dark bass notes come out as it seems like those are meant to be darkness stopping or blocking that person from having that moment of gain. Powerful stuff… ‘Dreams VII,’ was a bit shocking just from the title. The title suggests that it is number seven in the category of dreams, so where is one through six? The most beautiful piece of music begins to play almost like a lullaby of beautiful clouds about to rock a sweet angel to sleep. ‘Dreams VII’ is just that song that most folks will want to listen to before sleep so that their entire rest will be everything they could ever dream. Lastly, the album closes out on a spiritual piece called, ‘In Spirit.’ As soon as the song begins, it feels like a liturgical piece that evokes spiritual dance, along with a strong connective message pertaining to the spiritual being. Interestingly enough, the song presents strength, power, and positive love. A praise, yet a simple message about love and how that love can be utilized. A wonderful end to an amazing album yet the only sad portion is that the album is over after this song!

Completely blown away is one of the emotions that someone could feel while listening to the album, ‘Beautiful You.’ There is no mistake that this is a best seller because the pieces are ALL timeless classics that will have relevance 40 years from now! Every single song on this project presented something completely different and made such an amazing sound all because of one simple man, and that man is none other than Matthew Mayer. I’m not sure if there is any relationship between John Mayer, but there is one thing for sure: Anything that this man plays will cause you to sit peacefully and listen every time! I highly recommend this project as one that you will appreciate having in your collection, but more importantly, catch Matthew Mayer in a live performance as he will relax your mind!

Rating 10 / 10

K. Tibbs