Band Setup: How to Make Your Venue Ready to Rock

If you’re opening a music venue, you’re going to be providing a great service to your community. However, that all depends on if you do things properly. Venues need to be arranged properly for the benefit of performers and their audience alike. Here are some ways to make your venue ready to rock.

Make Sure It’s Big Enough

A venue should have as much space as possible. Even if you aren’t building an arena, there should be enough space for people to move around comfortably. Make a reasonable estimate for how big your space will be, and then get an estimate for the maximum occupancy. You want to have room for both the bands and the audience. Don’t compromise on the size of the stage or the bar if you don’t have to. Focus on finding a sizable piece of real estate that you’re confident will make for a quality music venue.

Get a Good PA System

The best band in the world will be lost if they’re forced to play in a venue with weak sound. You want to make sure that you have the best sound equipment possible, as well as professionals to run the boards. Put out a job posting for experienced sound technicians to work at your venue. You should hire people who are experienced with mixing different types of music.

Help Bands Out

Bands should be grateful towards venues for letting them play, but venues should also be grateful towards bands for playing. In order to keep up bookings, you need to make sure it’s not a hassle for them to play at your venue. You should pay them fairly and make it easy for them to load and unload their gear. A high-quality garage door is a must for bands to be able to move their equipment. You need to be sure to perform regular garage door maintenance to keep it working well. That way, you never have to take a break from the music.

Maintain Safety

A music venue should be a fun place, but that can be ruined if it isn’t safe. This can happen if the structural integrity isn’t maintained or if there isn’t a clear policy for handling troublemakers. People coming to your shows need to know that they can feel safe.

Keeping your venue in order is perhaps the most important part. Even if the first couple shows go off without a hitch, you need to make a concentrated effort to maintain that. Give it your all at every single moment and you’ll be rewarded with your venue having a terrific reputation.