AV Super Sunshine Drops a ‘Time Bomb’

When we hear a killer rhythm, as human beings we’re automatically inclined to start shaking our bodies to the beat. We stay in motion as if it isn’t even a choice, because in the core of our souls we know that is isn’t. AV Super Sunshine unleashes a beat that is relentlessly aggressive and stunningly unwinding in a pair of new remixes of his hit single “Time Bomb.” While I enjoyed both versions of the track, I really felt like the club mix of this song deserved the most attention. In an almost psychedelic vacuum of sonic whirlwinds, we’re immediately sucked into the vortex that is AV Super Sunshine’s signature wall of sound, and once we’re in its orbit, escape is ruled out of the question. In a lot of ways, this version of “Time Bomb” reminded me a lot of The Who during their creative peak in the early 1970s. Much like Townsend, AV is so calculated in his presentation that listening to his music can be more like studying an exquisite piece of art than listening to a pop song on the radio.

There are a lot of reasons why people are getting into electronic dance music right now, but I think that I’ve mostly pinpointed the key reason why. Right now, more than ever, we’re living in a state of constant negativity being thrust upon us from every conceivable direction, and the cathartic release that EDM provides in its vibrant, colorful harmonies can’t be replicated by any other genre of music. We all need to cut loose once in a while, even when things are perceivably going well in the world. When things aren’t going so hot, the desire to get a break from all of the gloom and doom becomes all the more impossible to deny, and that’s when artists like AV Super Sunshine really shine the brightest and mixes like this one become so infectiously addictive, even for the most rigidly anti-EDM listeners among us (I’ve had several close friends who can’t stand electronic music listen to the club mix of “Time Bomb” and tell me that it was the freshest track they’ve heard all summer).

“Time Bomb” Album Mix: https://www.starfleetmusic.com/record_pool/index.php/featured/52-vip-featured-artist/4274-av-super-sunshine-time-bomb

AV Super Sunshine, as far as I or anyone in my social circle is concerned, is the face of modern electronica. He embodies all of the flashy pomp and electric energy that made the genre so commercially successful twenty some odd years ago and have kept it alive ever since, and what’s more is that he isn’t just limiting himself to the popular formulas of the past but making the choice to move forward and evolve in his sound. “Time Bomb” is just one of many pieces of sonic gold that this enigmatic artist has to offer, and I have a feeling that once you listen to this track, whether you’re familiar with his music or not, you’re going to find yourself scouring the internet for every shred of his discography that you can get your hands on – I know I have.

REVERBNATION: https://www.reverbnation.com/AVSuperSunshine

Gwen Waggoner