MrHarvey releases captivating new single ‘Near You’

Sydney-based singer/songwriter MrHarvey has been building momentum with his new single ‘Near You’. Former Channel V host, MrHarvey has linked up with Ash Rothschild (Caligula, Demonatrix, Panic Syndrome) who provides a cohesive mix of intricate melody and driving rhythm, playing guitar, bass and drums on this track. With beautifully textured guitar tones, engaging vocals, and infectious lyrics, MrHarvey has crafted something highly individual and captivating.

At 47 years old MrHarvey has found his passion for writing music late in life, he prides himself on writing music from the heart. MrHarvey’s songwriting features a sense of vulnerability and introspection with raw emotive lyrics that expand in meaning with repeated listening. MrHarvey sings “We hung around the old grocery store, each telling tales taller than before, were they true? not a clue”.

MrHarvey’s third single ‘Near You’ is a vivid portrayal of past relationships and how we treat people after a long time apart. MrHarvey explains “Near You is about relationships. Not just lovers but old friends, family, work colleagues and how after time we’ve drifted apart! We’ve spent some of the best times of our lives with these people and yet when we see them we avoid them or are too busy to simply stop and say hello! Why?, and what are we missing out on?”.