NYC musician Dan Miraldi releases his newest single “Living Out Loud”. The single is part of a full length album coming out later this summer. Dan has this to say about the single.

“Living Out Loud” is the sonic wildcard on the new album. This track has an indie pop meets eighties dance vibe. Meanwhile, the rest of the album lives largely in the realms of the rock and roll and the singer-songwriter genres. However, lyrically it fits together with album’s greater themes of modern dating in New York. Plus, the album’s title, Alphabet City 2 AM, comes from the opening line of this song.

“Living Out Loud” is about falling for two people at the same time. Neither relationship has been defined, but you’re trying to navigate the tricky waters of living your best life while not being a total sleaze ball.

I wrote the song in New York. The underlying acoustic guitar and most of the vocals were tracked there in my apartment. Then, I took those tracks to Cleveland and worked with my friend Steven Beller at his studio. We experimented with a couple different instrumentation arrangements before stumbling on the 80s dance one. We liked it, so we ran with it. Then Kyle Downes, who produced four other songs on the album, did this mix at his studio in DC. So the recording process required some traveling, but I’m pleased with the end result. ”