Rev Peter Unger New Single “An Instrument of His Love” & Video For “Goodbye My Love”

Rev Peter Unger delves into a sound reminiscent of James Taylor’s patient soothing 70s work with the quietly joyful “An Instrument of His Love”. Arrangements are kept to the absolute essentials with a mere acoustic guitar, bass, and the flourishes of the electric guitar adding color to the sound. Quite blissful, Rev Peter Unger’s voice rests at the very center of the sound for the piece is one of reassurance, hope, with a view of the future. Lyrically the song is quite articulate in how it explores the way that spiritually can add to the overall fervor of life, the happiness and contentment it can bring.

Gentle tender guitar work introduces the piece. Quite quickly the song comes into bloom with the accompaniment of Rev Peter Unger’s steady voice. The many layers of sound work in a dazzling display of textures. A loose rhythm takes shape, courtesy of the steady bass that helps to anchor the entirety of the piece. By choosing such an approach Rev Peter Unger’s voice rises above it all. Over the course of the piece Rev Peter Unger sings to those downtrodden and offers a path towards salvation. Comforting to its very core the piece unfurls growing ever more intense with each reiteration, nicely showing off Rev Peter Unger’s expressive passionate vocals.


On “An Instrument of His Love” Rev Peter Unger sculpts a thoughtful work, one whose message is timeless with its tidings of goodwill towards all.

Rev Peter Unger sings of compassion on the thoughtful “Goodbye My Love”. Done with the utmost of care, the whole of the work feels so soothing. Featuring a rather expressive vocal, Rev Peter Unger explores the importance of faith in life. By lending his message such passion everything has a rustic, timeless quality to it. Arrangements are simple yet effective. Forgoing percussion, the guitars weave together into a gorgeous sort of kaleidoscopic sound. The ringing forth of every single note allows the piece to gain a sort of intimacy. Over the course of the track Rev Peter Unger has an intimacy to his words, akin to having a conversation with a close friend.

Going for a simple pleasure sort of take, the piece introduces itself with such gentleness. Rev Peter Unger’s voice takes front and center stage, at times reminiscent of Nick Drake’s studious vocal delivery. Every word is picked with the utmost of care, for the instruments further punctuate the importance of his message. By opting for such a casual take, everything about the work rises above the typical worries of the world. Electric and acoustic come together in a way that feels so absolutely classic. A little bit of poetry comes from Rev Peter Unger’s careful allusions to a greater inner peace. For the final stretch Rev Peter Unger lets the intensity increase in a pitch perfect manner.

With “Goodbye My Love” Rev Peter Unger crafts a universal message, one that offers such comfort.

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