Van rentals for removals

Vans are convenient, spacious, and they can be used for any of a large number of different purposes. They are ideal as a means of moving your belongings from one property to another. They are also perfectly suited if you need to move a single, large item, and they are extremely useful if you are looking to clear all of the rubbish out of a room, a house, or even a garage and garden. Many smaller removal companies, such as your sole trader ‘Man and a Van’ will have a transit or similar, but if moving house and you have a lot of larger items, it is worth considering bigger and more suitable removal companies in your area, especially if you need storage.

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You should ensure that you choose the right van for your needs, that you plan the rental carefully to ensure that you don’t overspend on the rental costs, and that you and any additional drivers are covered for the exact purpose of the rental.

While vans are most commonly used for moving belongings or transporting rubbish, they can be used for other purposes too, including taking your band on tour, shipping stock if your commercial van has broken down or needs repairs, or even to take on a fishing and camping holiday to ensure that you have room in the back for all of your equipment.

Van rental is most commonly offered to drivers aged between 25 and 65, and if you do not fall between these ages, then you are likely to find it difficult to be able to locate a company that offers rentals to your age group. If you intend to add any second drivers or subsequent drivers, then they too will need to fall within these age groups, and you should check with the rental company that you intend to use.

As well as being able to add a second and extra drivers, other additional options can also be used to help further enhance the rental experience. You can include European coverage, for example, although you should only include this if you do intend to drive on roads in mainland Europe. If you pay for this level of coverage and don’t use it then it is likely that you are paying more than is necessary for the van rental agreement.

Ensure that you get the right size and style of van. There are those that are essentially large cars but with a different internal layout. There are Transit style vans that are convenient but relatively small so still easy enough to drive, and there are Luton style vans which are much larger and most commonly used as removal vans. You can also hire dropside trucks, those with automatic tail lifts, and even curtain sided freight trucks that are used for long distance deliveries of huge volumes of stock and items.

Van rental can be used by individuals and by organisations and businesses, and if you are renting a van for a business, then you may be able to save some money on the rental service by using your existing business insurance policy. You will need to provide proof of the insurance, and if you are considering renting a large curtain sided truck, then you may have to use your own insurance, but this can prove a useful option if you do have fleet insurance already.