Belly Release Video For “Mine” Ahead of First Major US Tour Since 1995

This summer, Belly embark on their first US tour in support of DOVE, their critically acclaimed new album & first release in 23 years. In celebration of the upcoming tour, the band released a video for “Mine.”

“Growing up in age of UHF there was a channel out of Boston, CHANNEL 56. They had a Saturday afternoon show called CREATURE DOUBLE FEATURE that was a weekly dose of Sci Fi, horror and B movies,” explains the band’s Chris Gorman, who directed the video. “Comic books, the Creature Double Feature and the Spencer’s Gifts style pop culture of the 60’s and 70’s really established my early creative aesthetic sensibilities. The goofy approach to the making of these movies made the monsters lovable and sympathetic rather than terrifying. When I hear the word creature it immediately conjures mental images of these hapless lovable weirdos bouncing into each other. We were looking to do something without using the band, something that was more of just a visual experiment with simple eye candy, and my son’s monster collection combined with cheap party lights and lava lamps just seemed like a natural pairing. I think ‘Mine’ is a love song, and what’s more lovable than monsters?”

Credit: Gorman Studio