How will you celebrate friendship day with your bestie

With the friendship day just here at your doorstep, we can understand your excitement about how to celebrate it in the best way. Although, there is no single way to celebrate this big day. Different people are comfortable with different ways and means of celebrating this important day. We tried our best to present some of the great tips and ways to celebrate this special day so that you can have much more fun with your bestie.

DIY Gift ideas- Try taking out those extra minutes from your everyday schedule by cutting short your TV watching or social media stocking time to create that perfect gift for your bestie, with a complete touch of love and warmth. Try making some DIY T-shirts with the help of internet tutorials or mould that perfect piece of chocolate with your own hands. This will be a perfect gift, this friendship day.

Engraved and Personalize Bracelets Friendship Day is incomplete without those bracelets tied to your wrist. This friendship day make these bands a little different. Look for shops or online sites to make those perfect personalized friendship day bands, with your and your bestie’s name engraved in it. This will make your friendship day memorable.

Theme Party You can enjoy some theme party with your bestie. This is one of the cool and different option then the usual every day or weekend schedule. This is sure to give a perfect and most desired change to your life.

Simple Outings If you want to keep it simple, then just go out for window shopping or sightseeing and enjoy your favorite food with your bestie.

Watching Movie- One of the best options is to enjoy that perfect movie which you and your bestie desire to watch since long. After all watching a movie together is a perfect celebration.

Karaoke and Dance If you and your bestie is found of this new form of Karaoke music and dance then just look for some Karaoke club nearby and book the tickets. This will surely relax your mind and make you feel refreshed. It is also a perfect thing to enjoy with your bestie.

Shopping– You can simply plan to go to some favorite shopping destination of yours and your bestie. This will also make you both spend some quality time together. After all it’s a perfect outing.

Outing and Camping– If you are some college going or working person then you can just take out some time and visit some nearby tourist destination or even a small picnic spot. You can even do camping in that area and add much more thrill to your friendship day celebration.

Sleepovers In case you are some teenager or you can’t visit some picnic spot then you can simply plan sleepover at your bestie’s house and you both can cook together or read novels and play games and enjoy each other’s company.

We hope that the above plans will make your friendship day a lot more special. Enjoy!