Sydney Jaffe – ‘You Know Me’ EP

Sydney Jaffe goes for a gorgeous mixture of pop, EDM, R&B, and soul with the spacious “You Know Me EP”. Done with the utmost of care, her tender vocals are full of love. Rhythms have a great nimbleness to them for the way she plays with the groove feels outright joyful. The playfulness adds to the spirit of the work, while they convey such exuberance to them ensuring not a single moment is wasted. By opting for such a multifaceted, multi-layered approach the EP at times has a psychedelic swirl to it. With lyricism that focuses on relationships, on being with another, the yearning quality of the small story snippets gains a particularly strong poignancy.

Light, soothing keys introduce the EP with the opening “Now or Never”. Setting the tone for what follows everything simply syncs together into a tremendous whole. Bass rumbles on the slinky grooves of “Complicated” where a little bit of distortion goes a long way in giving the song an urbane, sophisticated sound. An intimacy reigns supreme on the fantastic closer “18” where Sydney Jaffe lets the whole of the track unfurl in such a leisurely way. Propulsive beats and tremendous energy flows through the EP highlight, the spirited realm of “You Know Me” whose sweetness feels undeniable. Neatly bringing things to a close “Reckless” has a wild atmosphere with percussion that has such a deft tactile quality to it.

With “You Know Me EP” Sydney Jaffe crafts a colorful, spirited sound one that works wonders.

By BeachSloh