Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show – Season 7 Ep 7 – “Rock n Play”

1. Angeles – Not Here To Play
Angeles embraces a classic 80s hair metal sound with the blast from the past style of “Not Here To Play”. Guitar soar up into the sky, as the group lets the piece careen wildly. By far though the true heart comes from the undeniably powerful vocals that rest at the very heart of it all.

2. Duncan Morley ft. Rick Ross – Find You Now
The summer vibes of Duncan Morley ft. Rick Ross go for a party atmosphere with “Find You Now”. Nicely balancing a soulfulness with a sense of joy, the piece has an inherent lightness to it. Stylistically, they draw from pop, R&B, and a bit of rock into the infectious mix.

3. Brandon Bonine – Only With You
Laidback and blissful, Brandon Bonnie expresses a great tenderness with “Only With You”. Everything works from the handclaps to the low-key guitar work. By going for an intimate approach, the song works wonders.

4. Lady Moon & The Eclipse – Star Gazing
Funk, electro, and soul come together on Lady Moon & The Eclipse’s “Star Gazing”. Downright incredible, her honeyed vocals add to the inherent dreaminess and optimism that flows through the whole of the piece. Akin to a piece of poetry, the song evolves in unexpected, incredible ways.

5. Bunnies – The Problem With Link Think
Bunnies go for a fuzzed-out 60s garage rock work with “The Problem With Link Think”. A hypnotic groove takes over while the piece delves deep into the surreal. The way that song grows and expands gives it a truly spaced-out aura.

6. Liz Kennedy – Everyone Knows How It Goes
Liz Kennedy goes for a cinematic flourish with the bluesy “Everyone Knows How It Goes”. Reminiscent of Jon Brion’s thoughtful arrangements, the track shines with tremendous life. Instrumentally rich, Liz Kennedy brings in elements of folk, chamber pop, and country into a coherent satisfying whole.

7. Raquel Aurilia – Pretty Roses
Intimacy reigns supreme on Raquel Aurillia’s “Pretty Roses”. By keeping things to the essentials Raquel embraces the tenderness between two people. Quite lovely, the resonant respectful air allows the whole of the piece to touch the very soul.

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