Aya Ishida – ‘Day by Day’

In a place where dreams are formed and started, there is a certain vibe that can’t be described in the music scene of New York City. However, there is a silent force beginning to showcase within the city and it is stretching across the entire world. Iconic places such as Blue Note while also the historic musical scenes associated with Brooklyn, Manhattan, and more are just what any real musician needs. New York has so much to offer including Lady Liberty, but the spotlight for this place is none other than Aya Ishida and her new album, Day by Day—-A Jazz Lover’s Dream!

Aya Ishida, originally from Japan, is an eclectic composer, and vocalist that has an amazing album of electric jazz that features true piano, saxophone, upright bass, classic drums, and an entire catalog of instant love! First listening has a true feeling of modern Kamasi Washington or Esperanza Spalding, but a true mix of Joe Sample, Chick Correa, and Miles Davis, that meets Chicago. Aya truly has captured a blend of a nice fall day in Central Park. The opening track, the album title, ‘Day by Day,’ is a jazz fusion mix that brings in the vintage sounding 1960s all in the first chords. In this song, Aya introduces her sound with sexy oohs and tells us all how much she falls in love with her partner. Beautiful Sound!!!

Moving all along, the next few tracks introduced include ‘Joy Spring, My Funny Valentine, Darn That Dream,’ and a crowd pleaser, ‘Whisper Not.’ ‘Joy Spring’ introduces electric vintage keyboard, a Fender Rhodes, a beautiful Saxophone accompaniment, and excellent filler instrumentation. Spring is joyful and can be heard all throughout this particular melody. To be honest, replay was done twice when first hearing this song! ‘My Funny Valentine’ changes to a cosmopolitan International blended base where the upright bass sends a direct message that speaks total control! In this song, Aya covers the ever so popular original hit-song written in 1937 by Richard Rodgers who has seen artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Chaka Khan, all the way to the newest series of Britain’s Who’s Got Talent! The difference in this particular version is the chord structure and arrangement that is given by Aya and it is tasty! ‘Darn That Dream’ moves back to drifting jazz that feels like driving along the California Coast during the sunset. ‘Darn That Dream’ presents a moment when a person is asleep and dreaming a beautiful dream but has to awaken just to see they have disappeared. Sad stuff, however, the song is amazing and beautiful all the same! ‘Whisper Not’ is a very vintage sounding jazz number that could have easily been performed by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, or Lena Horne. Aya’s vocals are warm, crushingly smooth, yet she is NOT whispering contrary to the title! The piano solo is patient, yet very well sculpted and tells a story all in itself.

The next portion of the album includes the titles ‘Peace, Where I Come From, and The Petal.’ ‘Peace’ starts off just the same as the title. “There’s a place that I know where the sycamores grow and the daffodils have their fun…” direct lyrics taken from this wonderful cover that has been performed by other artists including Norah Jones, while the original was performed by Horace Silver in 1959. However, once again, Aya has put together her own rendition that is just breathtaking. Moving along, Aya comes back with “Where I Come From’ mixes midtempo drum tempo and tons of Scatting that Aya performs effortlessly! The mix of the Fender Rhodes, Upright

Bass, Saxophone, and Drums is mind-blowing! It is a call and response amazement where she calls, the saxophone responds! A personal suggestion is to start listening on Number 7 as her musical ability is totally heard in this song! 5 Stars easily on this song alone as the album is just a mix of a little of everything for the Jazz Lover! Lastly, ‘The Petal’ introduces a more Jazz sound like Legendary Lee Ritenour or Stanley Clark as this up-tempo song almost meets a little bit of the Australian Sensational Band, Hiatus Kaiyote. The chord progressions and vocal ability set this song apart from the entire album as it has its own vibe and rhythm. Aya showcases her blend of R&B chording mixed with a Jazz setup and it works!


All in all, this entire project is a must have for anyone that wants light music to drift away to. Aya Ishida is just that go to artist that showcases her love of Jazz while also leaves room for imagination. A true musician thru her vocals and accompanied insytrumentals, this sound is amazing to witness in 2018! Where has she been?? Personally, her entire project was a must and I highly recommend this album as it musical covers boundaries that aren’t often spotlighted! As a girl that rocks, it would be really interesting to see her live as her resume showcases some exciting names! Catch her playing near you really soon as her sound is just that: TRUE SOUND!

10/10 Rating