Jamit Presents ‘Pioneer Generation (feat. Orestis Milios)’

Jamit delivers an intense workout with the elastic techno grooves of “Pioneer Generation (feat. Orestis Milios)”. Great beats buttress the entirety of the track giving it a fresh, funky take on EDM. By allowing the many layers of sound to intermingle in unique and unexpected ways, everything about the track has a late-night dancehall spirit to it. Forgoing melody almost entirety, all is in service of the physicality of the groove. Throughout the whole of the track Jamit allows the piece to evolve in surprisingly satisfying ways. Melodies appear for mere moments before disappearing into the many hypnotic beat patterns that cycle about throughout. Length of the track adds to its hypnotic quality, as does the decidedly uncluttered yet alluring arrangement.

Hardly a moment is wasted for Jamit gets right into the mix of it quite quickly. Various effects bounce off each other, as they disappear into the sonic ether. Upon having the song completely come out into focus Jamit suddenly returns the listener to the commanding beat work that propels the whole thing forward. Every single element feels carefully considered, from the occasional breakdowns to the kinetic energy that pulses throughout. Best listened to on the highest possible volume, the sound deserves to simply overwhelm everything with its multifaceted, colorful take on minimal house. Little tweaks of the sound add to its ethereal power, especially halfway through the piece where every detail matters.

On “Pioneer Generation (feat. Orestis Milios)” Jamit goes for the groove, the raw unfiltered take on electronic, in the best way possible

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Jamit is an EDM producer and artist who immediately strikes with great personality and a really original approach to music. Having grown up in Australia, but currently based in Singapore, the artist has a really cool international background, which totally reflects his music and unique style.

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