REAL FRIENDS Release Third Studio LP ‘Composure’, Out Today

Composure is Real Friends’ most ambitious work to date. The 10 tracks on this album have challenged the band as musicians and friends. From nailing down the best pop hooks with producer Mike Green (The Aces, All Time Low, The Mowgli’s, Paramore) that showcase the band’s progression from a pop-punk band to full-fledged pop-rock juggernaut, to touching on topics in their songwriting such as mental health, being accepted, and above all, learning to love yourself.

Snow Wave Records has launched a new trailer of the upcoming debut album from Aeolian

Snow Wave Records has launched a new trailer of the upcoming debut album from Aeolian. This environmental death metal group will release their debut album on September 12. The album will feature cover artwork from the concept artist Kilian Eng, who has worked previously for Disney, Marvel, and the New York Times among others.


Taken together, the two tracks show different dimensions of the England-born, Australia-raised Kent’s impressive lyrical and melodic artistry, with “Bass Bumps” representing her playful, spirited side and “No Love Songs” (featuring Wes Period) tapping into her chilled-out, down-tempo vibe. Kent co-wrote and collaborated on both tracks with Justin Tranter (Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Years & Years) with whom she has been in the studio working on her debut album.

Jealous of the Birds Release EP ‘The Moths of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep’

Naomi Hamilton, aka Jealous of the Birds, describes this EP as “Jealous of the Birds but bite-sized,” an assessment that’s both modest and fitting. It combines updated cuts that explore both the more introspective and extroverted ends of her sonic spectrum along with the boisterous “Plastic Skeletons”, a meandering, dynamic gem.

Rue Snider Releases Next Track From Upcoming LP City Living

Today, Brooklyn indie rocker and songwriter Rue Snider releases “Run Away With You,” the fifth single from his highly anticipated new album City Living. “Run Away With You” showcases Rue’s 80s inspired sound and signature wide-ranging melody.

Of the track, Rue explains, “Humans collect emotional baggage like a hoarder in a rent controlled apartment. What if we could leave it all behind and run away with someone? What if we could find a beach and start over, hard reset, go emotionally back to one? The fantasy of emotional amnesia is real. The idea of sharing it with someone can be intoxicating. “Run Away With You” lives inside that fantasy. It longs for an emotional clean slate even if it’s only for a short time. This song is also the doorway to City Living as a record. It’s the guest at the party who says, “one more drink! don’t worry about tomorrow!” It’s the voice that makes driving to the ocean at 4:30 in morning with two bottles of whiskey and a car full of intoxicated strangers make sense. It’s the Siren beckoning to move closer to the shore.”


Initially released earlier this year, the studio version of “Basement” received praise for instance from NYLON who said, “More Giraffes may be new to the scene, but they’ve got the sound of seasoned all-stars.”

On deciding to strip down the original track: “We love weird and interesting musical toys, so we wanted to see how we could bring Basement into the real world using some cool synths and a few friends. The song is super fun and we had such a good time making this with some really awesome musicians!”

NEW RELEASE: SPQR return with the stomping, ‘BLOOD PUMP’

Formed of Peter Harrison, Bex Denton, and Jack Sanders, the band formed in late 2015.

After spending much time playing the DIY circuit up-and-down the UK, the band are now knuckling down with Margo Broom (Fat White Family, Calva Louise) to record their second EP.

Cyril Hahn shares EBHONI remix

roducer Cyril Hahn (Mariah Carey, Solange, HAIM) shares his rendition of Toronto singer / songwriter EBHONI’s song, “OPPS”. The 18 year EBHONI blew up doing Keyshia Cole covers on YouTube at 10-years-old and has since amassed millions of plays and critical acclaim for her own original music. She will be dropping more music this later summer, chronicling her upbringing on Toronto’s Weston Road and inspired by her Caribbean roots, and will continue to speak her mind with no constraints in typical EBHONI fashion.


The band recently performed the new single on CONAN and they just returned from a multi-city nationwide tour with Plain White T’s.

Each of the artists behind Ocean Park Standoff comes from a world all their own. A self-taught producer who built his own studio in the basement as a kid, Pete Nappi constructs deeply inventive productions equally inspired by art rock and underground hip-hop. A longtime DJ known for spinning at high-profile gigs around the globe, Samantha Ronson is also a songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who matches her lyrical smarts with a sonic ingenuity rooted in her fascination with obscure vintage instruments. And as a classically trained vocalist, Ethan Thompson has revealed his refined songcraft in penning hits for major artists and performing at singer/songwriter hotspots around L.A.

Andreas Moss Tops Spotify’s New Music Friday, Premieres Debut EP

“Pop music is an art form that is superficial until the listener decides that it is not,” Popdust’s Thomas Burns Scully wrote on Thursday. “Andreas Moss feels like he is acutely aware of this, and so has created something here that presents a perfect superficial veneer. You can listen to this album and not think twice about a single lyric. Once that veneer is stripped away, however, he has left layers and layers of insight and scar tissue for you to revel in. Go ahead and do so.”

The pop culture blog premiered the Nashville-based artist’s debut, self-titled EP yesterday, while his newest cut, “Kokain,” earned a top spot on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

Ruston Kelly’s new single “Mockingbird” premieres across CMT, MTVU and MTV Live

Of the song and video, Kelly shares, “I wrote ‘Mockingbird’ in a Dominican hotel, on the edge of a bed, at like six in the morning. I needed a release from a cyclical pattern of a doomed relationship. The kind that leaves you with less than what you went in with. But, what directors Stephen Kinigopoulos and Alexa King reminded me with their proposed story about a single mother, is even though I write about my own personal situations, it’s also everyone’s story: the human condition, our connected plight in a mad world. Regardless of how it’s expressed, we all struggle through something with hope on the other side. That’s this song and that’s this video. That’s also why I fell in love working with them immediately.”

Good Charlotte Release New Single and Music Video “Shadowboxer”, Generation Rx Available For Pre-Order Starting Today

Generation Rx represents both a new chapter and full circle moment for the group-brothers Joel [vocals] and Benji Madden [guitar, vocals], Billy Martin [guitar], Paul Thomas [bass], and Dean Butterworth [drums]. Powered by punk spirit, rock songcraft, and cinematic ambition, they retain the signature vitality and vulnerability of their formative years, while delivering an urgent, unafraid, and undeniable message befitting of two decades in the game.

HOO HAs – ‘New Shoes’

“Now due to a certain American hitting our soil yesterday, we have suddenly decided it would be a perfect time to get the HOO HAs latest song with a Trump inspired video out there….” – HOO HAs

HOO HAs Frontman Jamie says of New Shoes, “A release of pent up frustration, finger pointing while all descends to insanity. Grotesque leaders with grotesque policies. Pockets of resistance to an overwhelming tide of hatred and apathy. Everyone’s a prophet!”