Troy Lindsey & Shane Foote New Single “It Ain’t Freedom”

Troy Lindsey & Shane Foote go for a soulful, heartfelt classic rock blues with the powerful “It Ain’t Freedom”. Elements of the song have an epic scale to it, accurately capturing the wild journey the two have embarked upon. Long ago, the two worked together in their very first band in high school back in 1987. From there, they reconnected only a year ago, realizing their continued love of music. With this honest background, they create a snapshot of their many lives led since then, lending the sound an earnestness. Careful storytelling rests at the very heart of all of it, with the arrangement further emphasizing the grand scope of the tale.


Setting the tone for the track are the expressive riffs that have a distinct western twang to them, belying the duo’s roots from Greybull, Wyoming. Everything comes into full bloom upon the vocals entering into the mix. Nothing ever feels too rushed, for they take their time in letting the atmosphere sweep up the rest of the sound. By opting for such a unique balance has a gorgeous beautiful for it. The two have particular fine voices, while they possess such incredible range, expressive to their very core. For the final stretch of the track they simply let loose giving everything a fantastic, delicate finale.

“It Ain’t Freedom” display Troy Lindsey & Shane Foote’s uncanny ability to create an intimate and thoughtful world, one full of such introspection.

By Beach Sloth