Make a statement at the upcoming event with a fancy big check

Who does not like receiving free money? However, when your company gives out check prizes or donations to a charity; do you miss the hoopla that should be there? Are the pictures too drab or ordinary? Big checks or giant checks are the best way to jazz up press pictures and your company’s social media accounts. No amount can ever be insignificant when you put it on a giant check like this. These command attention and they have an air about them that no one can ignore.

The giant checks businesses and charities use are large paper mount structures on a foam core board. The use of matte paper on top avoids unwanted reflection during flash photography. That is an ingenious way to make all your photos look good. Writing on regular paper can be a bit challenging since it tends to blot as well as smudge permanent marker ink. Writing with a ballpoint pen makes the lettering too inconspicuous. Therefore, many clients opt for large checks with gloss plastic finish. It allows them to write with permanent markers and thick acrylic pens for a bright as well as waterproof finish. In case, you find the idea of a waterproof laminated check more appealing – you should remember to tilt it away from the camera at an angle to avoid direct reflection of the flash. Alternatively, you can put in a special request with the press photographers to avoid flash photography whenever possible.

How can you design a big check?

Now we come to the big question – where do people get these big checks? You can buy blank big check templates from stores, but they will not contain your brand colors or company name. Store-bought models command more labor since you will have to include the personalized details on your own. Although you can place orders to some brick-and-mortar stores, the options for choosing big check templates are limiting due to the restrictions of a non-digital library. You can check them out at digital printing stores with online websites. While many of them have templates for large checks, several sites exclusively offer models for such purposes. Pick any template of your desired dimensions, add the primary colors, upload a company logo as well as include the details for printing. Several companies upload the amount, name of the holder and a soft copy of the signature on the online version for a direct print. That saves a lot of time and effort. Even if you receive the delivery a couple of hours before the event, you can forego the headache of writing the amount, name as well as date in stylish fonts, and then, waiting for the calligraphy to dry.

Where can you use these big faux checks?

Such a tempting prospect makes you wonder what occasions are appropriate for the use of foamcore giant checks. Other than the conventional purposes, these checks have found active use in many events including –

  • Faux birthday checks, gag gifts and marriage gifts (as memorabilia, while you hand the real check or cash in an envelope).
  • Charity events and fundraiser occasions.
  • Tournament winner and second rank holder prizes.
  • Prize money for promotional events of businesses.
  • Gift money for educational events including extempore competitions and quizzes.
  • A mock check to supplement the actual lottery winner check.
  • During a school award ceremony where the real prize money goes directly to the student’s account.

In short, a faux giant foam board mounted check is ideal for any occasion that involves awarding a real test.

Why should you opt for a giant check?

Are you gunning for publicity through charity and event sponsorship? Then, there is no better way to increase your brand recall value. Go with a branded laminated check that you can use for fancy Instagram pictures and Twitter photos. While small tests hold the real commercial value, the giant faux checks hold the marketing value. Irrespective of the prize or gift amount, people are likely to remember the event and your brand’s present more when you use an impressive design and your brand colors.

These customizable checks allow you to set the background, font style, font size and even the style of writing. What is a better way to make an impression in front of the media and your target audience? Make sure there is more than one professional photographer with high-end DSLRs covering the awarding ceremony to ensure higher unaided recall for your business.

How complicated is the process of creating a blank check?

Adolescents, student counselors, and young adults turn to blank check printing from time to time. Whether it is for a school event, elite club competition or a gag birthday gift for a close friend, they often print giant checks. That goes a long way to show the simplicity of the selection and editing process. You can choose the type of the template from one of the templates and then edit them online. Most of the templates are compatible with either Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Therefore, customizing them is straightforward, and you can take a crack at it.

In case, you do not manage to add the perfect finishing touch, do not worry. Most digital printing agencies have strong customer care fronts that can help you with the design process. If there is a sample check from past events you like, you can send a snapshot across to your team of choice. Do not forget to mention the specifics of size, thickness, paper quality and other details. In fact, since most companies use these large checks as souvenirs, they utilize dry-erase laminate. This cover is waterproof, and it does not allow the ink to soak through permanently. Once you pose with the written check for a picture, you can erase the letters and use it again later for other events. It gives you a strong reason to view a dry erase laminated giant foam-core check as an investment and not an expense.