Sister Speak – ‘The Stand EP’

Sister Speak goes for an angelic hue with the luxurious beauty of “The Stand EP”. With vocals that soar into the heavens, Sister Speak proves to have a deft, flexible voice, one that sits at the very heart of the entire collection. The tracks have a cinematic fervor to them while they unfold with an unnatural sense of grace. By opting for such an approach, the whole of the work feels infused with a tremendous sense of life and purpose. Her storytelling works wonders for everything neatly comes together, descriptions of a life lived to the fullest. Arrangements build up with a tremendous sense of style.

Things open up with a theatrical flourish with “New York Sunrise”. Done with the utmost of care, the way the piece evolves makes it feel akin to lush symphony. A wonderful rush emerges on the defiant attitude of “Fighter”. Carefully considered to its very core “Do You Believe” goes for a spacious style, one that lends it a dreamy sensibility. Intimate to its very core, “The Stand” has a fragile quality even as the beats enter into the equation in a most satisfying fashion. Easily the highlight of the collection the passionate “Walls” feels outright celebratory in its swagger. Neatly bringing everything to a close is the lovely “Catch Me As I Fall (Ft. Tolan Shaw)”.

On “The Stand EP” Sister Speak sculpts a colorful world, one where the multiple layers of sound come into a gorgeous stream of sound.

By Beach Sloth