Eryn Releases New Video “Hallelujah You’re Gone”

Eryn is a one-woman powerhouse who knows how to turn any situation into a positive. And yes, it is just Eryn: she prefers to not have a last name because she doesn’t belong to anyone. She is in a committed relationship with her force of nature voice. She possesses a larger than life personality that shines through the camera and is implemented in her personal life. Gaining inspiration from the late great soul and R&B artists, she has adopted a sound that is a mix of country and jazz while dressed like a pinup girl. Although her influences are strong, she classifies her sound as “retro-pop” which is a term for soulful blues with a modern spin. Enthusiastic, passionate, and genuine, her sound implements her best qualities on and off the stage.

Eryn grew up in Maryland and D.C. and at the age of eleven, she moved to New Jersey. Despite always having a passion for music, she just started to promote her music career. She’s been singing since she knew how to talk and has been writing music since the young age of thirteen. She has been performing at private events and writing music for her fellow friends. Throughout the years she was able to really hone in on her strengths to produce a record she was truly proud of. Truly a New Jersey artist, she is married to Matt O’Ree who has been a frontrunner in the rock scene, working with Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. Inspired by the talented people in her life, Eryn just released her debut EP Lady E, which she pronounced as the celebration of her life. The EP includes her single “Hallelujah You’re Gone”, which is a track that pairs high energy and an independent feel.