How to clean your glass shower screen properly using household items?

We know how much you love the feel of a luxurious and clean bathroom. You probably would not like to hear it, but even the “cleanest” faucets, seats, handles and screens inside your bathroom are teeming with micro-organisms. Although we try to wipe these surfaces down, apply the occasional bleach-based cleaners and try to keep the region dry, we end up losing the battle to bacteria, mildew, and mould. It is very evident in specific areas in the country, where the mineral content in the water is higher than average. The bathroom fixtures and glass surfaces accumulate several visible stains within a couple of days.

All across the world, people face this problem with their glass screens and surfaces. The shower screens Perth gather white marks from deposits of calcium, red tinges of iron and other vivid hues due to the excessive accumulation of other minerals from hard water. If you let those stubborn marks sit for too long, you might have to call the professionals for restoration. Here are a few things you can do to keep your shower screen clean for an extended period –

  1. Keep your shower screen as dry as possible after each shower. It will remove water and minimise the mineral build-up.
  2. Use mild detergent in warm water and a damp cloth to clean the glass and the aluminium channels every week. Always give it a good rinse and buff after washing.
  • Always use a clean sponge or a white rag for washing. Never rely on nylon loofahs or steel scrubs for the process.
  1. The new stainless-steel soaps are not a good idea for cleaning shower installations. You can try using mild vinegar for the process.
  2. If nothing else works, try using a mix of baking soda and clean water. Make a runny paste and scrub the areas with particularly stubborn stains and mildew build-ups with a soft cloth.

Can WD-40 save you from this ordeal?

There are very few things WD-40 cannot do. It is the perfect best friend a man could ever imagine. From movies to popular series, this product has found a place everywhere in the modern world. You can think of it as the Chuck Norris of the hardware world. Therefore, there is little reason you should doubt its ability to clean up shower stalls.

You can give WD-40 a try for removing marks that will not budge with the other methods we have mentioned here before. You can spray it on dry glass or wet glass. Apply liberally on the stains. Let it sit for a while and then use a freshly washed dry towel to remove the soap suds, dirt and calcium marks from the door.

A dirty shower harms more than aesthetics in a household. An unclean door can act as the ground zero of stomach infections, the flu or simple cold. Every hand in the house is likely to touch the prized screen door of your shower that could be harboring millions of germs and a bucket load of dirt.