On her latest single “Bad Boy,” the award-winning artist rides a blazing dance beat to that place where love and darkness meet.

Like all the other tracks from her latest album Amazing, “Bad Boy” was written by Devi with a breathtaking candor. Its rhythm points listeners straight toward the dance floor. And its lyric keeps them connected to Devi’s unsparing candor: “I gave you my soul, a submission of lust that’s out of control. You rocked my world when you took me to Heaven and I begged you for more.” Many have felt danger’s allure. But only an artist like Devi can bring this fascination to life through song.

“Even if a woman is leading a so-called ‘normal’ life, she might feel the temptations of fantasy and excitement that can come in a ‘bad boy’ package,” Devi maintains. “I know that’s true because I’ve been there too. I’ve felt the excitement that comes from a ‘bad-boy’ relationship. This song comes straight from that experience. It’s as real as it gets.” “Bad Boy” is just one in a kaleidoscope of colors spun forth by Amazing, along with romantic ecstasy (“Amazing”), the weight of loss (“One More Day”) and raw desire (“Summer Love”). The album captures the fear (“Darkness”), assertiveness (“Promises”) and exhilaration (“It’s Your Life”). From deep blues — urban on “Still Got The Blues,” down-home rural on “Somewhere Between Love And Hate” — to joyous uptown funk (“One And Only”), every moment of Amazing is a potent match of music and message.

Devi’s rising renown inspired the Independent Music Network to present her with its 2017 “New Discovery Artist” Award, based on fan votes, a radio poll and the decision of IMN editors.