The 5 Whys of Singers that Wear Earbuds During a Concert Performance?

If you have ever seen your favorite singer performing, you might have noticed that they always have earbuds in throughout the performance. Have you ever wondered why? Well, those earbuds offer quite a few benefits to the professional singer. After all, any good performer always wants to put on the best show every time they are on stage. They go all out to avoid any distractions that might affect their performance negatively. And one of the biggest distractions while on stage is noise.

During a concert, there are usually many different sources of noise. This includes the speakers, the echoes, and even the audience itself. Usually, a singer will stand behind the main speakers that are typically placed in front of the audience. On a big stage, the sound that the audience hears is reflected back, causing lots of background noise. That’s where earbuds come into play, mainly to improve the singer’s overall performance. This article will help you learn more about why earbuds are so important to any great performance:

  1. They Improve your Pitch

This is a huge deal for any singer. After all, every good singer should be able to sing in pitch. With all the noise that occurs on the stage, earbuds will help you hear yourself better. This is the only way to improve your pitch. If you have ever plugged in one ear –  or both – while singing, you will understand just how this works. You are able to sing in a much clearer voice due to the to the natural reverberation that happens in your skull. Good performers take advantage of this to deliver a great show to their audience.

  1. Helps you Hear the Instruments Better

When using earbuds for the first time, most people complain that they either can’t hear anybody or that the sound becomes too soft. But that is not quite accurate. The reason why sound might appear that way is because your ears aren’t used to the earbuds yet. It’s almost like turning off the lights after staring at the bulb for too long: you will see some harsh circles for a while!

Similarly, it will take your ears a few rehearsals to adjust and get into the new groove. Afterward, you will actually start noticing the real melodies of the instruments, instead of the distorted white noise from the guitars or drums. Once your ears adjust, you will find that you are able to create a much rounder and balanced sound.

  1. Protects your Voice

It’s very common for singers to lose their voice after a couple of rounds on the stage. However, this isn’t an option for the professional singer. It’s a way for your body to tell you that you’re doing something wrong. In this case, it shows that the singer was unable to hear themselves during the show, causing them to push their vocals way too hard.

However, wearing earbuds prevents all this. It helps you develop a much better awareness of just how much effort you’re exerting during a performance. Not only will this save your voice, but it will also help you sing much better in time.

  1. Eliminates Echoes

Auditoriums that are specifically built for concerts are notorious for their echoes. This can easily confuse even the best singer, mostly because echoes bounce back to the stage at least two seconds off what the singer is singing at any particular moment. Using earbuds is the best way to ensure that the performer stays on track throughout the show.

  1. Protects your Hearing

This is the most obvious reason why most singers wear earbuds during a performance. Sure, wearing them will ultimately help you sing better. However, your hearing is just as important. For a professional singer who spends hours in front of blasting monitors, hearing protection becomes a very necessary thing. So do yourself – and your hearing – a favor and use some earbuds the next time you perform.