Eye’z – ‘Still A Rainbow’

Eye’z sings with fire and passion on the soulful “Still A Rainbow”. Her voice has a commanding presence to it rising above the rest of the arrangement. Done with the utmost of care, her voice possesses a soulfulness, one that incorporates elements of pop, R&B, and the blues into a satisfying whole. The arrangement has a nimbleness to it while it skitters about Eye’z powerful message. By keeping things to the absolute essentials Eye’z has her voice takes center stage of it all. Indeed, her vocals have a force of nature quality to them which the field recording highlights with such perfection. Further emphasizing this spirited approach is the carefully coordinated choir which adds to the tremendous grace of the track. Everything simply becomes so ideally balanced that the whole of the work teems with life.

Things start off small, mere elements of a storm in the distance. When the beat enters into the mix the groove takes off in earnest. Eye’z vocals take front and center, representing a great ability to navigate so many moods and styles. Nearly dreamy at times, the warmth that the lyrics focus upon feel so gorgeous. By letting things evolve with such care, the whole thing at times has a poppy quality to it. Quite giddy the bouncing beats go for a playful, nearly flirtatious quality to them. Towards the final stretch all that remains is the grand piano work, which closes things off on a reflective note.


“Still A Rainbow” shows off Eye’z impressive storytelling abilities.

By Beach Sloth