T C Crosser – EP “Book Of Arius”

T C Crosser delves into an ornate modern chamber music with the thoughtful narrative of “Book Of Arius”. Reminiscent of Rachel’s fondness for delicate, carefully considered arrangements, the entire album feels alive. Listening to the album as a whole gives it a sort of soothing, inspirational quality to it. Gestures go for dramatic flourishes at times, lending it a slight air of the theatrical in the best possible way. With only a few key instruments an entire rich rewarding world comes into view. Elements of the world draw from a healthy kind of experimentation, one that balances itself alongside a heavy dose of emotion.

“The Book of Arius, Act I: I. White Sulphur Springs” sweeps through, setting the tone for what follows: carefully laid out layers of sound gradually shifting in tone. Cello work adds to the richness of the piece, offering just the right amount of darkness. Slowing things down into a more reflective spirit is “The Book of Arius, Act I: II. River City” where the way the strings start to soar into the sky gives the whole song a determined fervor to it. Anxiety and tension rise up from the collection highlight, the absolutely dazzling “The Book of Arius, Act I: III. Goose Creek” where T C Crosser proves that modern classical can have a timelessness to it. On “The Book of Arius, Act I: IV. Hell’s Kitchen” brings everything to a lovely conclusion.


“Book Of Arius” creates a colorful, spellbinding world one that possesses such tremendous beauty.

By Beach Sloth